What to do with those troublesome lawn weeds

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Well, spring has sprung into summer and I am sure it will swing back to winter a couple more times so be on the watch for frost, that may sound funny considering the weather but this is Kentucky! I have gotten numerous calls asking what the light green creeping weeds with small white flowers and the purple blooming darker green plants growing in the lawn are. These are two of our most notorious cool season weeds in the lawn and landscape in Kentucky. The light green one with white flowers is chickweed and the darker green one with purple blooms is henbit.  
Control of chickweed and henbit is tricky. If you just can’t stand the looks of it right now you can spray your lawn with any of the turf herbicides that contain 2-4D. This will kill most broadleaf plants in your lawn including the chickweed and henbit. The problem is these two cool season annuals are already seeding so they will be back next year! It might not be economical to worry with them this season especially since the winter and now spring has been so warm and they have been seeding for some time.
Right now the most logical way to control chickweed and henbit is going to just mow them for now and allow them to die as the weather warms like they naturally would. In mid-September you can apply a pre-emergent such as crabgrass preventer that will not allow the henbit and chickweed to germinate and establish before winter. Next, you will want to apply a pre-emergent like crabgrass preventer in late February or early March to catch the spring germination. This spring application will also get the early germinating crabgrass plants.  
I guess basically what I am telling you is don’t worry about the chickweed and henbit for now the damage is done but plan ahead and put it on your calendar to apply the pre-emergent in the fall.
On a different note I wanted to let you know Kay Kennedy our Family and Consumer Science Agent is retiring and will be greatly missed! There will be a retirement send off for her at the Washington County Extension Office this Friday March 30 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please stop by and let Kay know she will be missed and to not be a stranger. It is bittersweet for us to see her go but she will now have plenty of time to enjoy her granddaughter Kaylee. I am sure she will be knitting and quilting as well. Not to mention watching reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter, bet you didn’t think she would watch that. Happy gardening!