What does that grade really mean?

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By Stacey Hall

I need to explain something to all of you local parents about your children's grade. We have been giving progress reports out every three weeks to keep you updated. We also informed you that 20 percent of your child's grade is going to be their final exam. I just want to reiterate to you that the grade you are seeing is for the other 80 percent of the class grade. So to gauge what your child may get as the final grade you have to multiply the current grade X .8, to get what they have going into the final exam. Then you would then take estimation for the final exam grade X by .2 then add the 2 scores together to get your child's final grade. If this is clear like mud, please see scenario below:

Student 1: Class Grade: 94 x. 8 = 75.2

Final Exam: 86 x .2 = 17.2

Final Grade = 92.4

Student 2: Class Grade: 76 x .8 = 60.8

Final Exam: 62 x .2 = 12.4

Final Grade = 73.2

Student 3: Class Grade: 64 x .8 = 51.2

Final Exam: 51 x .2 = 10.2

Final Grade = 61.4

Student 4: Class Grade: 56 x .8 = 44.8

Final Exam: 45 x .2 = 9

Final Grade = 53.8

Student 5: Class Grade: 58 x .8 = 46.4

Final Exam: 68 x .2 = 13.6

Final Grade: 60

So, the point of this editorial is, your child cannot blow off the final exam or coast through the class thinking I will be ok at the end. The final exam will not allow that. The final exam can alter the whole grade if your child does poorly on it. It can change also for the positive if your child does well on it.  So the final is a BIG deal!

 We have finals starting in six weeks, so please help us push the importance of these final six weeks. Some classes are yearlong but still the attitude of coasting cannot go on for another 24 weeks. We need your support in this.

Editor's note: Stacey Hall is the principal at Marion County High School.