What a great time of year

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By Jessica Veatch

What a great time of year it is! It is now officially spring, and as of last week, each spring sport has started up and began competition. The weather so far for the games, meets, and matches I have attended has been great, much warmer than last year when I remember going to events bundled up in pants, sweatshirts, and even gloves. I know that it may not stay like this, but if it does, I sure won't complain.  
So far, I have been to two baseball games, one softball game, one tennis match for the girls' and boys' teams, and one track meet. I have already seen some great plays and performances early in the season, and look forward to seeing many more throughout the spring season.
Now I am going to shift gears and talk about March Madness, which also makes this a great time of year. I am excited about Saturday's semifinal game with the match up between Kentucky and Louisville. The Cats vs. the Cards.  The No. 1 seed vs. the No. 4 seed.  
So far to get to this point, the Louisville Cardinals have defeated Davidson 69-62 in the second round of the NCAA tournament, New Mexico 59-56 in the third round of the tournament, which placed them in the Sweet 16. The Cardinals then beat Michigan State 57-44 to advance to the Elite 8, where they met up with the Florida and beat the Gators 72-68.
The Kentucky Wildcats first defeated Western Kentucky 81-66 in the second round of the NCAA tournament before beating Iowa State 87-71 in the third round to make a trip to the Sweet 16 to face Indiana, one of the teams that had previously beaten them. In the game against the Hoosiers, Kentucky won a high scoring, fast paced game 102-90 to move on to the Elite 8 and play against Baylor. The Wildcats defeated Baylor 82-70 to make an appearance in the Final Four and face Louisville.
Of course, for me, I hope that the Kentucky Wildcats defeat the Louisville Cardinals in Saturday night's game to appear in the NCAA championship game to play for the national title. I know I will be glued to my television that night as well as many of you, hoping that my team will come out on top and be playing next Monday night to bring home the 8th National Championship in Kentucky's school history.
So there you have it, why I believe that this is a great time of year. Not only have the Marion County High School spring sports been fun to watch, so have the games in the NCAA tournament.