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Good mind, good heart: MCHS grad using his intellect to help families

By Stevie Lowery

Michael Lanham’s resume could be considered legendary.
He graduated from Marion County High School when he was only 14 years old.
At 15, he began pursuing his education at Centre College in Danville, majoring in music and math.
At 18, he became the youngest person (that we know of) to be named a Rhodes Scholar.
At 19, he graduated from Centre College, and then spent the next three years studying at Oxford University in England.
In 2003, at age 21, Lanham moved to Ann Arbor, Mich., to attend the University of Michigan’s medical school. He graduated in 2007, and during the next four years he completed general OBGYN training.
Currently, he’s completing a three-year fellowship on infertility, which he will finish in June of 2014.
He’s accomplished all of the above and he’s only 32 years old.
It’s almost incomprehensible.
But, he takes it all in stride. While his work is demanding, he enjoys it. In fact, one can tell by simply talking on the phone with him that he’s a doctor with a good bedside manner.
“I really like the education aspect of being a doctor,” Lanham said. “I want people to leave the office feeling like they had the chance to ask all their questions and get most, if not all of them, answered. I want them to know they always have someone they can call.”
Lanham treats his patients the way he would want to be treated, which is important when working with families who are having a baby or desperately trying to have a baby.
“It’s just a really nice time in people’s lives to try and be there to help,” Lanham said. “The happy parts are really happy.”
While he’s delivered many babies, he still remembers his first C-section. He did it when he was a medical student.
“It was pretty awesome,” he said.
Working with people who are having trouble conceiving was an interest for Lanham early on. While it can be difficult, and sometimes extremely frustrating and sad, even for the doctor, it’s something he enjoys.
“People are so resilient,” he said. “And I definitely think we can take it as hard as some of the patients do.”
Lanham said his future plans are to become a faculty member at the University of Michigan’s medical school. He is also toying with the idea of earning his Master’s in Business Administration degree to help him better understand the financial side of the healthcare industry. He would also like to find time to sing again with a choir, which he hasn’t done since his second year of medical school.
Aside from his professional life, Lanham has also had some exciting achievements in his personal life. On May 26, 2012, he got married. He and his husband, Joe Colombo, had a wedding ceremony in Michigan, and then a week later traveled to New York City to get married legally. The day before their wedding, they actually bought a house together.
“Which I don’t recommend,” Lanham said, laughing.
Lanham’s husband is an organic chemist at a small biotech firm. They have two cats, and they garden a lot, Lanham said. Right now, both are extremely busy with their careers, but they’ve discussed adding on to their family one day.
Every few months, they find time to travel to Marion County to see Lanham’s family. One specific trip is always dedicated to coming back for a fundraiser for Cox’s Creek Elementary School in Bardstown, which is where Lanham’s mother, Jan, is the principal. Each year she has a fund-raiser for her school where the students and community members sing Broadway songs. Lanham, his parents and his brothers will all usually perform together.
Lanham said it’s nice to come back to Kentucky, get away from work and relax.
“It still feels like home,” Lanham said.