Why is there so much evil?

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By Joshua C. Hicks

There has been a question that has been circling around the air waves and through the minds of every person (whether they will admit it or not I don’t know). It is a question that confronted us when the Columbine shooting occurred, when the Virginia Tech shooting occurred, to the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school where 20 innocent children were murdered, to even the Boston bombings. This question that many pondered was, “Why is there so much evil?”
So, why is there? Why does it seem that every day that we turn on the television or look online something evil has occurred? Is it because of drugs, psychological issues, or bad environments? As you can see there are multiple reasons that can be given as to why evil has become so prevalent in our day. Even though these are good and valid reasons it goes much deeper than this. The ultimate reason there is a growing presence of evil is because our society is becoming more and more Godless. You see, when you or I enter into the school systems and sadly many homes today in America Jesus Christ is not present. In fact, in many homes today God is not even mentioned, prayer and Bible reading is unknown. However, another “god” is present, the god of evolution. You see by changing what our children believe from the God of the Bible (Jesus) to the god of evolution we have utterly destroyed the beliefs and fundamental foundations necessary for life.
Parents, and teachers have found it more “intelligent” and “reasonable” to teach our children the following:
Many of the steps in the evolution of humans are open to different interpretations because the incomplete nature of the fossil record makes it difficult to build a conclusive case. However, it appears that the human lineage separated from that of the great apes about 5-7 million years ago. This stimulus may have been climate change turning the tropical forests of southern and eastern Africa into open woodland and with large gaps in the canopy and, still later, into wooded savanna. Walking upright on the hind limbs aided the mobility of ancestral humans in the changed environment, increased their range of vision and also freed their forelimbs for manipulating objects. This in turn may have encouraged brain development and opened new opportunities for finding and using environmental resources by means of tools, which are external objects that extend the body’s functions to achieve an immediate goal. Steady increases in brain size and, with them, increasing skill in tool making and environmental modification have characterized human evolution ever since.
When the tree of Atheism and evolution (the philosophy mentioned above) is planted in the mind, it produces many types of deadly fruit. The first being the fruit that there is no absolute truth (you believe what you want), the second being the fruit of no moral law (this means right and wrong don’t exist). If we are a result of evolutionary processes, and if our choices are simply made because of random cells bumping into each other then it doesn’t matter how we live! But stop for a moment. Do you know what this philosophy looks like when it is lived out in the lives of individuals? Look back up to the beginning of this article. The fruits are lawlessness, and a lack of morality. As one prominent person once said, “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.” In other words, when we are taught we come from monkeys, then why should we expect our children to act any different? If this were true, then there is no God and no inspired rule (Bible) to hold us accountable and to live by.
And you know if there is no God it doesn’t matter how we live! Live it up! Party hard! Live now for tomorrow we die! There is no right or wrong! There is no purpose to this life! If all we get is a measly 75 years then we better make the best of it! But surely we will not allow ourselves to be fooled by the foolishness and ignorance of our society. Simply look around you at this complex and intricate landscape of cells, trees, humans, animals, processes like gravity, photosynthesis and the water cycle, and the alignment of the solar system. Hopefully in examining these, we will see the fingerprints of an amazing Creator (Romans 1), and see that God is indeed REAL!
So what is the answer to the growing presence of evil? Is it politics? Is it passing laws? Is it protesting? You can do these things, but in the end the hearts and minds are not changed. The answer is simply yet profoundly, Jesus Christ. It is only by teaching and sharing the Word and person of Jesus that the heart is changed and transformed (1 Pet. 1:23). There is power in the Word of God (Rom. 1:16). This is why the message proclaimed by the Church shouldn’t be our programs, the minister, or anything else, instead it ought to be Jesus and His Word alone. He alone is the answer to our sinful and evil world!
Editor’s note: Joshua C. Hicks is the evangelist at Lebanon Christian Church.