Wild turkey season opener and farm, home and garden show fun

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By Shelton Young

The 2012 wild turkey season opened this past weekend to beautiful weather. Mild temperature, low wind and plenty of sun made it just about perfect, for those of you who hunt.
As for me, I choose to go to the Farm, Home and Garden Show... more about that in a minute!
John O. Thomas told me Saturday that the birds he'd boosted on Friday evening flew down Saturday morning, gobbled awhile then shut up.
This was pretty much the same story I heard from everybody. Everybody that is, except for my friend Chris Brady. Chris took a nice mature bird, which scored 60 points. Congratulations, Chris!
So, did I go at all? No! My weekend was spent, by choice, at the Farm, Home and Garden Show. Our, Mid-KY Bass Anglers, part of the show was a pitchin' and flippin' game. Kids, about 400 of them over two days, would cast, pitch and flip to plastic fish and bass head cozies.
At the end of the two-day show my young friend, Jerad Pittman, had the highest total "weight" and took home a nice plaque as tribute to his accuracy!
I would be remiss not to acknowledge those who "helped out." On Saturday, my fishing partner John Grundy and his stepdaughter Sara Nunn, along with Tom Mattingly (the one who would appreciate a three bank battery charger for Father's Day) all worked some long hours.
Then, on Sunday, John and Sara showed up for another round.
It couldn't have been done without their help!
One thing about working the show was the amount of information I received. Stacey Benningfield told me that he and Joe Hicky had done some striper fishing on Cumberland Lake. They threw top-water baits "right on the bank" and loaded up. Fishing from around 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., yes all night, they boated around 30 stripers. They way I figure it, that's about one striper every 24 minutes.
Think you'd get sleepy fishing all night? Hook a stripe bass on a top-water lure every 24 minutes and I'll guarantee you'll stay awake!
Then, another gentleman told me about fishing Kentucky Lake over the weekend. He told of three boats each catching a limit during the morning's first "magic hour." I asked if they were caught on the famous spring "yellow flower" bite? That's when flats of wild mustard flood, and the bass come up to feed.
But no, it wasn't the yellow flowers, it was an awesome early top-water bite then Carolina rigging that got them their bass.
A week or so ago I told you that the Kentucky High School Athletic Association recently sanctioned bass fishing as a high school sport. In response to this I'm told that Taylor County High School has formed a team! I've also heard that Adair County is giving serious consideration to forming a team. So how about it MCHS? Any interest?
Now, in any school's defense, a team of any sort costs money. A team will require a boat, fishing equipment, insurance, gas money and I'm not sure what else! So "somebody" would have to sponsor the team. Actually, several "somebody's" would need to help sponsor. As an example: boat (used), around $15,000, electronics around $2,500, insurance, I don't know, rods/reels around $300 to $400 per outfit. Baits, gas and misc. expenses... not sure, but it won't be cheap! So probably it'll require a sponsor/boat captain letting a team use their boat, parents who can help with equipment and some fundraisers and other "sponsors." It'll be "do-able" but can be expensive!
Sunday, April 22, will find the Mid-KY Bass Anglers fishing Willisburg Lake.
We'll launch at 8 a.m. and have a 2 p.m. weigh-in. FYI, there's a $5 launch fee at Willisburg!
Between Sunday's bass tournament and Saturday's Autism Awareness event at the city park it looks like I'll be a Monday through Friday turkey hunter. But, that's O.K., it shouldn't be crowded!
Guess that's it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I'll see ya next week!