Working the Puzzle for Autism, Inc.

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Last month, Working the Puzzle for Autism, Inc., placed Project Lifesaver bracelets on eight children in Marion County from the proceeds of the local Autism Walk. Since the inception of the Autism Walk in 2011, a total of 15 children have been fitted with the Project Lifesaver bracelets. These bracelets helped emergency personnel to locate the child if they have wondered off. The goal of the Working the Puzzle for Autism, Inc., is to ultimately place a Project lifesaver bracelet on all children and adults with autism that need one. Anyone that knows of an individual that needs a Project Lifesaver bracelet, please contact Lisa Nally-Martin at (270) 699-2697 or send email to nallymartin@windstream.net or Facebook message on the Working the Puzzle for Autism Facebook page. Children who received a bracelet on Oct. 12 are Clayton Tungate, Parker Reid, Alicia Ewing, Jamison Ramey, Jonathan Santos and one other child that was not available for a photo.