You are never ‘too old’ to learn

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Do you think about being old? Do you tell yourself you are not old? How old is old? What is old?
A couple of times this past week I had to express to the fact that “you are never too old”.
A week ago Saturday we attended a birthday gathering for my husband’s sister. Chris turned 75 on this Saturday. As we finished the beans and taters and ready for the cake and ice cream, we heard there was no cake and ice cream. I could not believe there was no cake and ice cream.
I did not eat a honey bun for breakfast because I had thought about the calories (sugar) I was going to get from cake icing and ice cream.  I had tasted that icing all day long and Tommy was even going to break his give up of ice cream (his downfall) for Lent and indulge.
Conversation at the table led to age for cake and ice cream for a birthday party. Did not know one would ever be “too old” to enjoy cake and ice cream for their birthday.
Have you ever been to a party, buffet, or reception and seen us older folks turn down a sweet or dessert table? I think not. We older folks probably eat more sweets than the younger folk do.   I know I eat a lot more sweetly than I used to. However, they are saying dark chocolate is now good for us. I keep my own bag of the dark chocolate almond nuggets in a safe place and consume what Hershey calls a serving of four pieces at a time when the taste buds holler.  
On Wednesday and Thursday of this past week, Molly and Daryl McMasters came to Loretto Senior Center to give five young women the basics of how to use a computer. Three of these women do not have, nor ever turned on, a computer. In addition, three of the women are 75 plus.
One of them was there on sort of a dare with her husband. He told her if she takes the class, he would get her a computer for her birthday. Well, I guess his wallet will soon be lighter.
Another one told me she was 75. She said that her children had been after her to get a computer and she would say she was too old. Here we go again, “you are never too old”.
These five women had a desire to learn what computing and keeping up with the times of technology is about and that one will never be “too old” to learn. Computing is here to grow old with all disregarding age.
If anyone is interested in going to see the Princess Dinah Celebration, you must contact me by this Friday, April 11.
On Thursday night of April 24 starting promptly at 7 until 9 p.m., we are going to have a Bunco at Loretto Senior Center. Percentage of cash taken in will be prizes. All are welcome but you must be at least 18. Refreshments and cookies served afterwards.
Thursday, May 1 is our annual Derby Day for Marion County seniors. The time will be from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Wear your hat for the hat contest, bring your snacks and dollars for the horse bets for having a good old fashioned time.
We will be starting the lunches back on the first Friday of the month after Lent season is over. The first one will be May 9 with sliced beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and a dessert.
There are four more seats available for the Cape Cod trip June 21 – 29. For more information, call me.
Stopping at the Hershey Factory is one of the highlights of our Cape Cod trip. I will not let old interfere with bringing back my share of those nuggets.
You can get your blood pressure checked at the Loretto Senior Center on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.
Happy Easter to all and if you want to egg hunt go for it. Do not let yourself or anyone convince you that you are “too old” for anything especially chocolate or ice cream.