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    Here are a couple of good breakfast recipes you can put in your crockpot the night before and feed your family in the morning on their way to school or work. The delicious smell coming from your kitchen will put everyone in a good mood.

  • Yard Sale
    St. Francis of Assisi Church hospitality committee will have a yard sale, Friday and Saturday, Aug. 19 and 20 from 8 a.m. - ? in St. Francis Gym. Bring items to the gym on Sunday and Monday, Aug. 14 and 15. Proceeds will go toward various programs. For more information, contact Claudia Smith at 270-865-2120.

  • Aliceton Holiness Camp Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. nightly Aug. 18-28 at 657 Wards Branch Road, Gravel Switch.
    The following dates, speaker and host church are:
    Aug. 18 – Bro. Dwight Coffman; Grace Baptist, Lebanon.
    Aug. 19 – Bro. Dwight Coffman; Pleasant Run Baptist.
    Aug. 20 – Bro. Dwight Coffman; God’s Hand Ministries.
    Aug. 21 – Bro. John Russell; Open Arms Community.
    Aug. 22 – Bro. John Walker; Perryville Church of God.


  • If you see a bearded man walking up and down Main Street, staring at his smart phone, scrolling with his index finger vigorously, or positioning his phone to get a good look at something with his camera, don’t think anything of it. He might be James Simpson, and he’s just playing Pokémon Go.
    Sure, Simpson might be pointing his camera at something across the street, but if you look in the same direction, you won’t see what he’s seeing. That’s because you’re in our world. Simpson, however, is in the world of Pokémon Go.

  • Amber Wathen broke down in tears as she and her husband, Craig, walked out of the doctor’s office. They had driven more than 10 hours for the procedure, only to be told that her husband’s reverse vasectomy probably wouldn’t work. It had been too long since he’d gotten the procedure done in the first place.
    Craig had gotten the vasectomy seven years before after having two kids in his previous marriage.

  • By Trey Crumble
    Landmark News Service

    Losing a limb can have a devastating impact on a person’s life, drastically changing it, but Marion County native Shawn Gaither said the experience has given him a new appreciation of life.
    Gaither, who has been a Type 2 diabetic for about 20 years, lost his right leg after a surgery in February.  
    Gaither initially sustained an infection in his pinky toe, which later spread to the rest of his foot. After consulting with doctors, Gaither decided it was best to amputate his foot.