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  • Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church:
    The McCubbins family of Munfordville will present an evening of gospel music at Muldraugh Hill Baptist Church on Sunday night, June 30, at 7 p.m. Haskell and Annette McCubbins have been singing gospel music for 55 years. They are now joined by two of their daughters, Jane Ann and Sherice, as the McCubbins Family as they share the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ through song. Don’t miss this evening of worship and celebration! Muldraugh Hill is located at 4430 Highway 289, Lebanon.


  • By Joshua C. Hicks

    There has been a question that has been circling around the air waves and through the minds of every person (whether they will admit it or not I don’t know). It is a question that confronted us when the Columbine shooting occurred, when the Virginia Tech shooting occurred, to the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary school where 20 innocent children were murdered, to even the Boston bombings. This question that many pondered was, “Why is there so much evil?”

  • Anita Sheperson celebrated her 50th birthday on May 8, 2013, with a trip to North Charleston, South Carolina with her family and friend, Luella Warner, and took The Lebanon Enterprise with her. Pictured with her are Caleb Mattingly, Anita, Eileen, Kim, Jack and Johnelle Sheperson.

  • I value the guardian behavior of our animals as one is charged to protect the other. We have house cats that are free to go outside; barn cats that mostly hang out in the garage; a companion red heeler mutt who rarely leaves my side; and a Maremma livestock guardian dog (LGD).  Baxter, the LGD, has challenged our thinking in owning dogs. He has reinforced that animals follow their instinct above all else. He is not a pet, rather a worker that is a critical component to keeping our farm alive.


  • By David Kessler

  • Foliar tomato diseases have been showing up in a few area gardens in the last few weeks so it's time to take precautions to keep these diseases in check when they visit your garden. I say when because if you grow tomatoes in Kentucky you will undoubtedly get foliar diseases.