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  • Celebration
    First Baptist Church Women’s Ministry will have a Black Performing Arts Celebration on Saturday, Feb. 19, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Guests will be the Beasley Sisters and the women’s ministry will be doing brief monologue performances of various historical black women.

  •  130 years ago                    Feb. 2, 1881

    To the editor:



    Winter, believe it or not, is a good time to prepare fruiting crops for the season ahead.

    On the next warm day it is very important for us to get some work done to insure a nice fruity harvest this summer. Many fruit diseases can be partially controlled by being vigilant with cleanup and fungicidal sprays at proper times.

    Also, remember pruning should take place in late February on fruiting trees.



    I have a handful of phalaenopsis about the house and three of them have just begun to shoot up a bloom spike that once in bloom (probably still about a month away) will bloom for months if I keep them out of direct sunlight.

    One plant is like 10 fresh cut bouquets and they are so delicately lovely you just can’t beat them as a nice Valentine gesture!



     “How do you come up with all those recipes?”

    People ask me this all the time, and there are lots of answers. Here’s one.

    Last week I had some three-day-old bread I needed to do something with. I make bread every week, and if it starts to get stale, I usually make croutons or crumbs or something so as not to waste it.

  • Faithful Citizenship Luncheon
    “Our New Health Reform Law:  What It Means to Kentuckians” is the topic of the Faithful Citizenship Luncheon Feb. 15, 2011, noon to 1 p.m. Col. Luke Barlow, Ky. patient advocate, is the presenter. The luncheon is held in Flaget Hall of the Basilica of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral, 5th and W. Stephen Foster, Bardstown. This event, sponsored by Catholic Charities’ Parish Social Ministry Department, is free. Bring brown bag lunch; drinks will be provided.