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  • 9-7-16 School Menus

    Elementary schools

    Monday, Sept. 12: biscuit and sausage and toast or cereal and toast, applesauce, oranges, juice, and milk.
    Tuesday, Sept. 13: poptart and toast or cereal and toast, pineapple, peaches, juice, and milk.
    Wednesday, Sept. 14: chicken and biscuit and toast or cereal and toast, grape cluster, pears, juice, and milk.
    Thursday, Sept. 15: maple mini pancakes and cinnamon toast or cereal and cinnamon toast, mixed fruit, apple, juice, and milk.

  • 8-31-16 School Menus

    Elementary schools

    Tuesday, Sept. 6: granola breakfast cookie and toast or cereal and toast, pears, orange wedges, juice, and milk.
    Wednesday, Sept. 7: scrambled eggs and toast or cereal and toast, banana, pineapple chunks, juice and, milk.
    Thursday, Sept. 8: build your own parfait w/granola and toast or cereal and toast, peaches, strawberries, juice, and milk.
    Friday, Sept. 9: milk gravy and biscuit or cereal and toast, apple, pears, juice, and milk.

    Middle/high schools

  • Thinking about careers

    It isn’t always easy for students to choose their careers by the time their senior year rolls around. Some students don’t know what they are interested in before they are already working somewhere or in college. But Brandon Bardin, principal of the Marion County Area Technology Center (MATC), is trying to change that.

  • Little libraries all over Lebanon

    Looking for something new to read? Now there’s an opportunity to pick up a new book just about anywhere you go in Lebanon. In an effort to promote reading and literacy, Joy Global has teamed up with Little Free Library to set up the small stands throughout the city.
    The way it works is if you see a library, take a look at the selection. If you see something you like, take it and read it. When you’re finished with the book, you can either let someone else borrow it, or return it to a Little Free Library. You can even leave other books there as well.

  • Making small deposits

    It’s zero degrees outside but that doesn’t keep Dallas Robinson from sweating. Steam rolls off his body and his heart pounds as he stands ready to push the bobsled into motion with his other teammates. He knows he could die. It’s happened to other athletes in the past. After all, he’s about to get on a sled that will reach up to 95 miles per hour and he’s wearing limited protective gear. He could be ejected. The sled could flip over. But all he’s thinking about is the push.

  • Library adds new online resource for vehicle maintenance and repair


    Amy Morgeson
    Marion County Public Library Director