• Council approves tax rates for 2012

    The Lebanon City Council voted Monday to approve the second reading of an ordinance setting its tax rates for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

    The real property tax rate is 18.4 cents per $100 valuation. This is an increase over the previous rate of 18 cents per $100 valuation.

    The city's personal property tax rate is 20 cents per $100 valuation.

    The new tax rates will become official once they are published.

    In other business:

  • County receives CMRS grant for E-911

    The Kentucky Commercial Mobile Radio Services and Emergency Telecommunications Board has approved a $125,000 grant request by the Marion County Fiscal Court to help implement enhanced 911.

    Marion County Judge/Executive John G. Mattingly said he was informed Thursday that the county's application had been approved.

    "They approved the $125,000 grant, but it will be broken up into two phases," Mattingly said.

  • Magisterial districts may be changing

    The Marion County Fiscal Court and Marion County Clerk Karen Spalding met Friday morning with representatives from the Lincoln Trail Area Development District to review proposed changes to the county's magisterial districts.

    On Aug. 18, the county's reapportionment committee presented its recommended changes to the fiscal court. The magistrates had 60 days from that presentation to either approve the committee's recommendation or revise it.

  • Tourist commission meets today, Sept. 13

    The Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission is scheduled to have a special-called meeting at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13.

    The commission would normally have met on Monday, Sept. 12, but not enough members would have been able to attend that day.

    The agenda for the meeting includes:

    - Delegations: Elizabeth Creed for the Marion County Homemakers; Robin Humprhess for Kentucky Classic Theatre

  • Fiscal Court to meet Friday regarding redistricting

    The Marion County Fiscal Court has scheduled a special-called meeting at 8 a.m. Friday, Sept. 9, on the third floor of the David R. Hourigan Government Center, 223 N. Spalding Avenue in Lebanon. 

    According to the agenda, the court is meeting with Mike Robinson of the Lincoln Trail Area Development District to discuss reapportionment/redistricting for the county's magisterial districts based on the 2010 Census information.

  • Fiscal Court meets at 4 p.m. Sept. 2

    The Marion County Fiscal Court is scheduled to meet at 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2. Here are the items on the agenda:

    - Minutes of Aug. 20 meeting

    - Consider additional PVA Appropriation per KRS131.140 (4),132.590(11,12),133.050(2)

    - Consider of work release volunteer program insurance policy renewal

    - Sheriff's 2010 tax settlement-accounts due/refunds sheet

  • Rooms for rent

    The Marion County Judicial Center is open for business on North Spalding Avenue, right next door to the David R. Hourigan Government Building.

    That means that the Marion County Courthouse on Main Street in downtown Lebanon is now vacant.

    But Marion County Judge/Executive John G. Mattingly hopes it doesn't stay vacant for too long.

    "In some counties, they actually razed the building and made green space out of it," he said.

  • Senator Paul visits Marion County

    Sen. Rand Paul was the guest speaker at the Marion County Chamber of Commerce lunch Thursday, and he opened by sharing a story about a buffet in Paducah.

    A man in front of him had filled two plates of food and was on his way to filling a third when the person next to him said he wouldn't live long eating like that. The man said that his grandfather lived to be 105 years old, and the other person replied he probably didn't live that long eating that much.

    Paul liked the man's response.

  • City reopening recycling center on weekends

    The City of Lebanon will reopen its recycling center on the weekends starting Saturday, Aug. 27.

    "We'll try it again and see what happens," Lebanon Mayor Gary Crenshaw said.

    Last month, the city limited access to the recycling center, located on Woodlawn Avenue, after repeated incidents of illegal dumping at the center.

    Crenshaw said the city didn't want to close the center on weekends, but it had to curb the illegal dumping.

  • Proud Democrats

    The Marion County Democratic Party held its annual dinner Thursday at Centre Square. The line-up of speakers included four candidates on the Nov. 8 ballot for statewide office, State Rep. Terry Mills and Daniel Logsdon, chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman. Logsdon said this was "the most dynamic slate of candidates" his party has put forward in his lifetime. "It's an honor to be a Democrat," he told the audience of hundreds.