Local News

  • Committee explores new options for arena

    After a shocking revelation last month that the new multipurpose facility could cost upwards of $25 million, the committee in charge of the project has decided to go a different route.
    The Multipurpose Facility Committee met again on Sept. 13 to discuss the new plans.

  • City and tourism bringing free Wi-Fi to Lebanon

    One way or another, the City of Lebanon will soon be getting free Wi-Fi, and the Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission hopes to have theirs ready by Ham Days.
    There is still a lot of work to be done, according to Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission Executive Director Nena Olivier, but the timing is now up to Time Warner.
    The commission hired Alex Peake of Peake Videography to help coordinate the effort, and he said that the speed of the Wi-Fi will depend on a person’s location.

  • No Halloween in the Park this year

    During its regular monthly meeting Sept. 12, the Lebanon City Council voted not to continue Halloween in the Park this year.
    According to Lebanon Police Chief Wally Brady, when the Heartland Coalition first initiated the event, the intent was to eliminate door-to-door trick or treating.
    “Now it’s turned into you go to the park for Halloween in the Park, you get candy, then you leave there and go to Spalding Avenue and get candy again,” he said.

  • Celebrate Ham Days responsibly

    Local law enforcement officials encourage everyone to enjoy the Marion County Country Ham Days Festival this weekend, but do so responsibly or you could end up in jail.
    “People who are visibly under the influence or involved in any sort of altercation – they are going to go to jail,” Lebanon Police Chief Wally Brady said. “That’s just the bottom line. We’re not going to tolerate it.”

  • Schools offer after-school meals

    What good is school if a child goes hungry? That’s the motivation behind the Supper Meal programs throughout Marion County.
    Many children are at risk of going hungry after they leave school during the week. Though they are provided breakfast and lunch, dinner is equally important, according to Marion County Public Schools Director of Nutrition Cathy Sparrow.

  • Farm safety is so important

    The Marion County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee would like to ask everyone to be aware of the farm vehicles on the public roads that are involved in more than 6,000 accidents annually. People driving farm machinery and those driving vehicles should be especially careful and watchful.
    Farmers should keep slow moving vehicle emblems extremely clean and bright to help motorist notice equipment. Replace faded emblems, check headlights, taillights, flashing lights and turn signals for satisfactory operation.

  • Remember farm safety

    The third week of September is harvest time across much of Kentucky and America and Kentucky Farm Bureau is urging motorists to slow down and watch for slow moving farm equipment. Motorists should keep a safe distance when following farm equipment, using caution when passing and being patient with farmers who must survey road shoulder conditions before pulling over.

  • A free people

    Dear Citizens,
    Consider this quote; “A free people ought not only be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and a well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as to tend to render them independent for essentials, particularly military supplies.”
    (George Washington, in his first annual message to Congress, 8 January, 1790)
    (This quote is from the Military Times August 2016 Page 31) [Consider M.D.A.A. Sec. 102, 1022 – Hold and Kill]

  • Loretto man killed during one-vehicle fatality

    Joseph A. Hutchins, 56, of Loretto was killed during a one-vehicle accident on KY 527, approximately two miles north of St. Francis Monday evening.

  • Inmate dies at MCDC Monday morning

    A 34-year-old inmate was found dead in the shower at the Marion County Detention Center early Monday morning, Sept. 19.