Local News

  • Magistrate candidate questionnaire, District E-James Rickie Livers

    Name: James Rickie Livers

    Address: 762 East Moores Creek Rd.

    Date of birth: July 27, 1954

    Family information: Wife, Sherry

    Son: Brian Livers, Daughter: Joni Hutchens (Husband Brad)

    Stepdaughters: JoJean Wint (Husband Eric) and Lauren Parrish

    4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters

    Educational background: Graduated Marion County High School 1972

    Marion County Vo-Tech (carpentry) 1971-72

    Work history: Retired Ford Motor Company (30 Yrs)

    Retired Cattle and Tobacco Farmer

  • US 68 Garage Tour postponed

    The U.S. 68 Garage Tour in Lebanon, Ky. scheduled for this Sat., April 24, has been postponed until Sat., May 8.

    The event is being postponed because of rain forecast for this weekend.

  • Magistrate candidate questionnaire, District E-Mike Peterson

    Name: Mike Peterson

    Address: 1625 Miller Pike

           Lebanon, KY 40033

    Date of birth: 09-13-1956

    Family information: Wife-Jean Brockman Peterson

        Parents-J.B. and Jean Peterson

        Children-Rhonda Spalding, Jenny Peterson, Megan Raley

        Step-children-Brad Barnett, Delanna Herald

        Five grandchildren

    Educational background: 1974 Graduate MCHS, AA Degree-Eastern KY Univ.

  • Incumbent wants to maintain services, balance budget

    Larry Caldwell has tried to work with the Marion County Fiscal Court to move the county forward, and May 18, he hopes the voters in District D give him a chance to keep doing it.

    Caldwell has held the District D magistrate's seat since 2002. In the Democratic primary, he has one opponent, Wayne Shively, who did not reply to the Enterprise's candidate questionnaire.

    Caldwell did reply, and according to his answers, he is running again "to try to make our county even better."

  • Magistrate candidate questionnaire, District D - Larry Caldwell

    Name: Larry V. Caldwell

    Address: 160 Hwy. 1157

    Lebanon, Ky 40033

    Date of birth: 5-8-1951

    Family information: Married - 3 children - 6 grandchildren

    Educational background: High School Grad.

    Work history: Retired from Verizon Telephone Co.

    Community activities (clubs, organizations, church, etc.): Member Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church and Parish Council

    Campaign website:

    Campaign email:

  • Lebanon native and his family appear on ABC's wife swap

    Lebanon native Michael Adams and his wife Samantha and their 15-year-old daughter, Michaela, will appear on ABC's Wife Swap Friday, April 30, at 9 p.m. 

    The Adams' household was turned upside down for two weeks. Samantha had to stay at the home of Paul and Amanda Hess in Pennsylvania. The Hess' have four children ranging from four to 15 years of age. This family had more than children in their household with a large number of pets. Some would call what they had was a zoo. At last count, they had 29 pets, which include 11 reptiles, eight dogs and a skunk. 

  • Update (May 3, 11:30 a.m.): Water company working at pump station

    Lebanon Water Company employees are working at the pump station in Calvary to clear out water inside the station, according to Lebanon City Administrator John O. Thomas.

    Until the water is cleared out, they will not be able to sanitize the equipment. Pumping will resume after the equipment has been sanitized.

    UPDATE: John L. Thomas of the Lebanon Water Company said the water station remained under water as of 11 Sunday night. There is a good chance much of Lebanon will be low on water or out completely by Monday morning.

  • Magistrate candidate questionnaire, District E-Roger "Cotton" Smothers

    Name:  Roger "Cotton"  Smothers

    Address: 3185 Campbellsville road

                  Lebanon, KY.  40033

    Date of birth: 07/05/1968

    Family information: Married to the lovely Tammy Lynn Thompson/Smothers 22 years

    1 Wonderful Son -Dale Smothers graduates from Campbellsville University in December getting married this year to Krissy Cooper.

    Educational background: Graduated Marion County High School 1986

  • Water may be pumping normally again in a few days

    Lebanon Water Works employees spent all day Monday cleaning up the pump station in Calvary.

    "It's been terrible," said John L. Thomas, the Lebanon Water Works superintendent.

    Thomas said Monday afternoon that it may be a day or two before the station is pumping normally.

    The water company has done some pumping tests.Thomas said the pumping will likely start and stop during the next few days while they make sure the equipment is working correctly.

  • Red Cross will be in Bradfordsville Tuesday

    The Red Cross set up in Bradfordsville Civic Center Monday to help people in immediate need of assistance, according to Hayden Johnson, the assistance Marion County emergency management director.

    The Red Cross will be back Tuesday, May 4, from 10 a.m. to noon to complete assessments for immediate needs for families affected by the flooding over the weekend.

    Kentucky Baptist Convention Disaster Relief teams will also be assisting in clean-up efforts this week.