Local News

  • Red letter day

    Terry Tingle is a "leaper", and he'll be celebrating his first "real" birthday this year.

    He turns 4 today, Leap Day, Feb. 29.

    "His due date was Feb. 22, and he was exactly a week overdue," said his mother, Natasha Sandusky Tingle of Danville.

    The doctor had planned to induce labor on Feb. 29, but Natasha said her water broke that day anyway.

  • Leap of Faith

    If you ask Shirley Benningfield, it was by pure coincidence that she and her husband, Boody, decided to get married on Leap Day.

    But, if you ask Boody, you might get a different story.

    "Shirley was afraid she was going to lose me," Boody said, laughing, sitting alongside Shirley in their kitchen at their home on West Finley Ridge in Marion County last week.

  • Take a flying leap

    Most people would never think of jumping out of an airplane, and many people who do just want to jump once to say that they did it.

    But there are a few people for whom skydiving becomes a lifetime hobby.

    Bill Harned is one of those few select people.

    "In 1977, I went to Bardstown and jumped out of an airplane," he said.

  • Pennies For Patients

    Lebanon Middle School hosted a Pennies For Patients Fashion Show and Tribute Friday, Feb. 24. Students modeled clothing from local stores, including Cato's, Factory Connection, Goodie Two Shoes, Goodwill, Simply The Best and That Cute Little Shop. The school has raised more than $1,800 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As a result of their fundraising, teacher John Buckman agreed to shave his head during the fashion show.

  • Local schools work to close the gaps

    Kentucky schools are preparing for a new testing system, which will begin in the spring. But, recently members of the Marion County Board of Education were discussing 2011 Kentucky Core Content Test scores, which show significant learning gaps in reading and math among students with disabilities, African American students and male students.

  • Attempted murder, arson case closed

    The Commonwealth of Kentucky is no longer pursuing an attempted murder case against William Joseph "Joey" Rigdon.

    The case had been dismissed pending a federal investigation on Jan. 6, 2011, with the possibility that they could be refiled, but Marion Circuit Judge Allen Bertram determined that "No issues remain for this case," according to court records.

  • Labor of love

    Farming isn't just something Larry Jones does for a living. It's something he loves.

    "It's in my blood," he said. "I love the smell of fresh air in the early morning and the feel of dirt under my feet."

    Farming is also something Jones, 55, does well, which is why the Marion County Chamber of Commerce named him the 2012 Outstanding Farmer.

  • Young Democrats convention is this weekend

    Lebanon has been a Democratic stronghold for decades, but this weekend it will be the center of the party's activity in the state. The Kentucky Young Democrats are holding their annual convention March 2-4 in Lebanon.

    "We've put together a really good convention schedule,"  said Joey George, president of the Marion County Young Democrats.

  • Hometown girl on Hollywood red carpet

    Lebanon native Tracy Myers Denver knows what it's like to perform on a big stage.

    After all, she was the 1998 Marion County Junior Miss.

    But, that stage has grown by leaps and bounds within the past few months for Tracy and her Navy SEAL husband, Rorke Denver, who stars in the upcoming film, "Act of Valor," in theaters Friday.

    Tracy's husband plays one of the main characters in the film, which she admits, is very surreal.

  • Black history celebration

    The Marion County Arts and Humanities Council held its second annual Black History Celebration Saturday, Feb 18, at Lebanon United Presbyterian Church in Lebanon.
    Choirs from First Baptist Church of Campbellsville and Holy Rosary Church of Springfield participated in the event along with a group of liturgical dancers.