Local News

  • Thinking about careers

    It isn’t always easy for students to choose their careers by the time their senior year rolls around. Some students don’t know what they are interested in before they are already working somewhere or in college. But Brandon Bardin, principal of the Marion County Area Technology Center (MATC), is trying to change that.

  • ‘Moonshiner’ unveils new whiskey

    By Ben Carlson
    Landmark News Service

    Chico was in rare form Saturday morning, Aug. 20, when he pulled into Marshalls Liquor’s parking lot in a battered Monte Carlo with “Hazzard Life” emblazoned across one front quarter panel and a make-shift air scoop riveted to the hood — a redneck-mobile if there ever was one.

  • Making his mark

    Growing up in Loretto, Johnny Young fondly remembers riding his bike to Maker’s Mark Distillery to play in the creek and catch snakes.
    “My dad used to bring us down here fishing as kids,” he said. “I’ve been around Maker’s Mark all my life.”
    Young, 61, only lives three and a half miles from the distillery today. It’s a short commute to what he describes as his dream job. A job he’s been proud to have for 37 years and counting.

  • Following in her family’s footsteps

    Bosley Funeral Home has been like a second home to Ann Carol Moraja.
    “When I was a baby, I was sitting in this corner in a playpen,” Ann Carol said, pointing to a corner in the office at Bosley Funeral Home. “When I was eight, I can remember dad taking me to Louisville with him to pick up a body. Being in and around the funeral home has always been second nature to me.”

  • Little libraries all over Lebanon

    Looking for something new to read? Now there’s an opportunity to pick up a new book just about anywhere you go in Lebanon. In an effort to promote reading and literacy, Joy Global has teamed up with Little Free Library to set up the small stands throughout the city.
    The way it works is if you see a library, take a look at the selection. If you see something you like, take it and read it. When you’re finished with the book, you can either let someone else borrow it, or return it to a Little Free Library. You can even leave other books there as well.

  • For the love of cooking

    The stress of being a chef in a restaurant can be overwhelming. The stress of managing a restaurant can also be overwhelming. Doing both at the same time? Some might tell you it’s insanity. But really, it just takes a special kind of person to do both. For Shiner’s Restaurant, that person is Joe Parks.
    His love of food came about when he was just a small child.

  • From Fiji with love

    Nicole Suniula looked down at her old Bible. It had been around the world with her for many trips and throughout many years. It was held loosely together by duct tape. Some of the pages from Revelation were missing. But there was a short, hand-written note in the front. She’d written it more than 15 years ago. It read: “The world is waiting for me, I responded to His call, Feb. 24, 2001.”

  • Let’s go to the movies

    East Main Dairy Freeze is headed to the big screen.
    From closing off traffic, to taking up the entire parking lot, crews from the movie, “What Lies Ahead,” were eager to use the location for a scene of the upcoming movie.
    Starring Rumer Willis and Emma Dumont, the movie is a thriller that has been mostly filmed in Bardstown.
    Director Rob Gardner said finding the right locations for the movie was key to making it feel authentic.

  • Playin with dedication
  • Zoning board tables decision

    The Rev. Bill Bowling stared down a large crowd of people, but this wasn’t his usual congregation. Without enough chairs, Lebanon City Hall was packed to the walls with citizens wanting to see what the Board of Zoning Adjustments would decide. Would they allow the house at 150 E. Main St. to become a transitional home or would they deny it?