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  • 2011 Primary Election results

    The 2011 Primary Election results are in, and Senate President David L. Williams will be squaring off with Gov. Steve Beshear in November.

    On the Republican side, David L. Williams had a comfortable lead statewide with 48.22 percent of the vote in the GOP gubernatorial primary race. Williams received 68,512 vote. Phil Moffett had 53,964 votes and Bobbie Holsclaw had 19,609 votes.

    In Marion County, Williams received 108 votes. Moffett received 77 votes, and Holsclaw received 28 votes.

    Here is a breakdown of the rest of the primary races.

  • MCHS site-based council to interview three principal candidates

    The Marion County High School Site-Based Decision Making Council has reached the next step in its search for the next high school principal.

    Stacey Hall, Glenn Spalding and Greg Suhr are the finalists to become the next MCHS principal.

    Hall is the current assistant principal and athletics director at MCHS. He was also one of the finalists last year when the site-based council was unable to reach an agreement about who the principal should be.

  • Judge/executive tells jury about son's final days

    By Jennifer Hewlett

    The Lexington Herald-Leader

    Courtroom spectators sobbed as Marion County Judge-Executive John G. Mattingly Jr. described in Fayette Circuit Court on Monday the final 47 days of his 23-year-old son's life.

  • Republican gubernatorial candidate - David Williams

    Why are you seeking this office? 

  • Republican gubernatorial candidate - Phil Moffett

    1. Why are you seeking the governor's office?

  • Republican gubernatorial candidate - Bobbie Holsclaw

    1. Why are you seeking the governor's office?

    I think truthfully when I made the decision I felt like David Williams nor Phil Moffett could be elected in November. I felt that Kentucky deserved better than what they have gotten. We are in desperate need of jobs, and our kids are in desperate need of a better education.


    2. What experiences and qualifications have prepared you for the governor's office?

  • Judge will allow jury to be told about guilty plea in UK student's death

    By Greg Kocher

    Lexington Herald-Leader

    A judge ruled Friday that the defense for Adrian Benton can tell a jury about a co-defendant's guilty plea in the 2006 shooting death of a University of Kentucky student.

  • MCHS site-based council to meet Monday

    The Marion County High School Site-Based Decision Making Council is scheduled to meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday, May 16, at the high school.

    According to the meeting agenda, the council will discuss questions for the candidates to become the next high school principal, then go into executive session to discuss the candidates.

    After the executive session, the council will return to open session to set a timeline for the principal selection process.

  • Former Washington County deputy sheriffs plead guilty to firearms and drug trafficking charges

    Two former Washington County deputy sheriffs pled guilty today, May 11, in United States District Court to carrying a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime.

    Norris Wayne Bartley, 43, and Billy Joe Mattingly, 42, both of Washington County, earlier pled guilty to drug trafficking charges and averted a jury trial by entering guilty pleas to the remaining firearms charge.

  • Too much news, not enough print

    Putting together a newspaper is often like trying to figure out how to fit round pegs into square holes. Other times, it's like trying to fit octagon-shaped pegs into trapezoid-shaped holes.

    And then there are the rare occasions when it's like trying to fit pentagon-, rhombus- and octagon-shaped pegs into two different triangular-shaped holes.

    This past week was one of those rare occasions.