Today's News

  • New cell tower could be operating soon in Bradfordsville

    Cellular service could be available in Bradfordsville by the end of November.

    Last week, Bluegrass Cellular constructed a 240-foot tower near Bradfordsville at 725 Settles Road.

    Bradfordsville Mayor David Edelen said the tower hasn't yet been activated, but he is grateful that the project is close to completion.

  • Keeping the Faith

    The Rev. Vic Stansbury, better known as "Brother Vic", has a lot of treasured memories from his years in the ministry, but his favorites are in the small moments.

  • Birthday announcements

    Grayson Barnett celebrated his 2nd birthday Nov. 10, 2010. He is the son of Brad and Ashley Barnett. Grandparents are Karen and Obie Whitehead, Greg and Barbara Barnett and Mike and Jean Peterson.

  • Birthday announcements

    Marissa Kay Tucker celebrated her 2nd birthday Nov. 8, 2010. She is the daughter of Roy and Cara Tucker of Lebanon. Grandparents are Carolyn Thompson and Russell Mattingly, both of Lebanon. Marissa has one brother, Colton, and one sister, Kaylee.

  • Send us your letters to Santa

      In the months before Christmas, all through the land, Santa is turning to newspapers to lend him a hand.

    Santa Claus is continuing his annual request for children to submit their letters to him via The Lebanon Enterprise.

  • Birthday announcements

    Linsey Nicole Craig celebrated her 4th birthday Nov. 3, 2010. She is the daughter of Brandon and Tina Craig of Lebanon. Grandparents are Donnie and Nancy Miles, Donnie and Donna Craig and Mike and Martha Mattingly. Great-grandparents are Robert and Lucy Craig. Linsey Nicole has one brother, Landon.

  • Kentucky Junior Miss tickets go on sale Nov. 22

    Christine Mattingly, the 2011 Marion County Junior Miss, will participate in the Kentucky Junior Miss Program on Jan. 14-15 at the Singletary Center in Lexington.

    At the Friday night program, Christine will perform talent. At the Saturday matinee, she will perform fitness and self-expression. The top 12 finalists will be selected at the beginning of Saturday night's program. These 12 finalists will perform talent, fitness and self-expression.  

  • Young Hunter
  • Overstuffed with Stuff

    By Dr. David B. Whitlock

    I have too much stuff. I know I do.

    But on second thought, do I? How do we know when we have too much stuff? Who is the judge of that?

    My guess is, I'm not alone in thinking I have too much stuff; most Americans would join me in the "I've got too much stuff" confessional.  In our consumer driven society, owners of specialty stores make money helping us find ways to store more of our stuff so they buy more stuff for themselves.

  • Farmer is named Outstanding Employer