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  • Scary movies perfect for Halloween

    Scary movies are as much a part of Halloween as candy and costumes. This Halloween, scare up some entertainment with any of the following films.
    · Halloween (1978): Thanks to its title, perhaps no film is more synonymous with Halloween than this John Carpenter classic. A decade and a half after murdering his sister on Halloween night in1963, deranged Michael Myers is back to terrorize his hometown of Haddonfield.

  • Sweet Halloween statistics

    · Financial resource The Balance states that 171 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2016. Total spending for the holiday reached more than $8.4 billion, which was an all-time record.
    · Around 65 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween, including getting dressed up or handing out candy. The U.S. Census Bureau says 41.2 million trick-or-treaters are children between the ages of five and 14.
    · The National Retail Federation says 70 percent of Americans hand out candy, spending around $25 per person on sweets.

  • Tricks for storing Halloween treats

    Halloween is a favorite day for many children - and even a number of adults. Halloween offers revelers the opportunity to dress up in costume, play tricks on unsuspecting individuals and cap off the day with treasure troves of candy.

  • Halloween superstitions revealed

    Halloween is steeped in tradition. Halloween season also is a time of year when superstitions take root and add to the spooky and often silly nature of the holiday.
    Some Halloween traditions can be traced back to the ancient Celts and their belief that spirits of the deceased were able to wander the earth during the time they called Samhain. Costumes were worn so the living could blend in with ghosts, and treats were laid out to appease the spirits.

  • Large-scale tribute to the Bourbon Trail

    Muralist Michael Cooper of Franklin, Tennessee, and his team are back in Lebanon to create their next masterpiece.
    Last year, they painted the mural that looks like a postcard signifying Lebanon as the “Heart of Kentucky” that can be seen coming into the city on Spalding Avenue. Last week, they started painting Lebanon’s next mural, which will be a tribute to the Bourbon Trail. The mural is being painted on the side of the building that now houses The County Seat Kitchen & Bar on the corner of Main Street and Proctor Knott Avenue.

  • Hit and run victim’s family files civil lawsuit

    Two Lebanon residents who are facing criminal charges for the hit and run death of a Springfield man are now facing civil charges, as well.
    Meagan Medley, 23, and Thomas E. Fleener, 26, both of 3701 Boss Luckett Road in Lebanon, have pleaded not guilty to charges connected to the hit and run death of Landon T. Wheatley, 19, of Springfield. Medley and Fleener are facing charges of tampering with physical evidence and leaving the scene of an accident - failure to render and/or aid assistance.

  • Will run for burgers

    Running a 200-mile overnight relay race across Kentucky with little to no sleep might not sound like much fun to you. In fact, to some folks, it probably sounds like a form of torture or punishment. But, every year, thousands of runners from all over the state, country and beyond voluntarily participate in such an event. It’s called The Bourbon Chase - a relay race in which teams of runners cover 200 miles along the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

  • What parents need to know: As told by the experts, their kids

    By Katherine L. Stone, Ph.D. and Laura Bonzo-Sims, Ed.D.

    As we have all read in the journals, seen in the classrooms and in our offices, parents are hungry for the secrets to parenting their child toward success. They seek answers from researched books, highly acclaimed TED talks, and from professionals behind the desk. One important group of experts often overlooked is the group who can give us information straight from the trenches, the kids themselves.

  • Lebanon pastor to speak at university’s chapel


    Joan C. McKinney, director
    Office of University Communications

  • 10-25-17 Church Briefs

    Fall Festival
    Open Arms Community Church, 2205 Danville Highway will have their Fall Festival and Chili Cook-Off on Sunday, Oct. 29. Games and a cake walk will be from 4:30-5:15 p.m. The chili supper will be at 5:30 p.m. with Trunk-or-Treat to follow.