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  • Donating blood helps save lives in the emergency room

    May is Trauma Awareness Month and the American Red Cross urges eligible donors to give blood or platelets to help ensure lifesaving blood products are available for trauma patients and others with serious medical needs.
    Each year, trauma accounts for approximately 41 million emergency department visits and 2.3 million hospital admissions in the U.S., according to the National Trauma Institute. A single car accident victim can need as many as 100 units of blood.

  • Primary Election is May 17

    The Primary Election, which will be held May 17, is quickly approaching.
    Richard Treitz of Green County and William Brandon Reed of LaRue County, both Republican candidates, will face off in the race for the 24th District State Representative seat.
    The winner will challenge incumbent Terry Mills, a Democrat, in the November General Election.
    The 24th District State Representative represents Marion, Green and LaRue counties in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

  • Lightning strikes, damages home on Miller Pike

    Thursday’s storms did more than wake people up extra early that morning. Lightning from the storm actually started a house fire on Miller Pike in Lebanon.
    Firefighters responded to the fire at 5:06 a.m., Thursday, April 28.
    The vacant home, located at 185 Miller Pike in Lebanon, was being renovated and received heavy damage to the roof and upstairs area after it was struck by lightning, according to Marion County Fire Chief Ricky Mattingly.
    The home belongs to Jimmy and Aileen Thompson, Chief Mattingly said.


    Story and photos by Kacie Goode
    Landmark News Service

    Marion County native Lisa Cissell is an out-of-the-ordinary case. Like nearly 30,000 others in the United States, Cissell has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits a person’s ability to breathe.
    But unlike the majority of the CF population, Cissell wasn’t diagnosed until adulthood.

  • Loretto man arrested, accused of rape

    Landmark News Service

    A 59-year-old man was arrested Thursday, April 28, in Nelson County after being accused of rape.
    According to a uniform citation from the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office, the victim told officers that Ronald B. Kraemer pulled her into his bedroom and forced sex on her despite her objections. The victim said she was able to run away, according to the citation.
    The alleged offense was reported to have occurred Wednesday night. Kraemer was arrested the next morning.

  • Large-scale artist

    Eric Henn is an artist, but some might say he’s a magician.
    He transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, and he does it all by hand, all by himself, all while he’s hundreds of feet up in the air.
    Henn is an internationally-known muralist, and he’s currently painting a larger than life Maker’s Mark whiskey bottle on the City of Lebanon’s water tower, signifying Marion County as the home of Maker’s Mark Distillery, the county’s No. 1 tourist attraction.
    He arguably has one of the coolest jobs on the planet.

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  • Leave young wildlife alone

    For centuries our wild animals have successfully reared their young without the aid of humans.  However, every Spring countless wild animals in Kentucky are harmed or even killed as a result of humans thinking they are doing a good deed by taking in young wildlife that appear abandoned.  What they do not realize is that they are usually stealing the young from their mother.

  • Farmers market is in full swing


  • People still plant tomatoes too early