Today's News

  • Wild turkey season opener and farm, home and garden show fun

    The 2012 wild turkey season opened this past weekend to beautiful weather. Mild temperature, low wind and plenty of sun made it just about perfect, for those of you who hunt.
    As for me, I choose to go to the Farm, Home and Garden Show... more about that in a minute!
    John O. Thomas told me Saturday that the birds he'd boosted on Friday evening flew down Saturday morning, gobbled awhile then shut up.
    This was pretty much the same story I heard from everybody. Everybody that is, except for my friend Chris Brady. Chris took a nice mature bird, which scored 60 points. Congratulations, Chris!

  • Turkey: Brady

    Chris Brady of Lebanon took this turkey on Saturday, April 14, in Marion County on opening morning of the 2012 spring turkey season. It weighed 16 1/2 pounds and sported a 10 1/2-inch beard with 1 1/8 spurs. The turkey scored 60 on a scale.

  • Turkey: Brown

    Stuart Whitehouse Brown took this 23-pound bird on opening morning of youth turkey season. It had a 10-inch beard and 1 1/4-inch spurs.

  • Obstacle race is coming to Marion County

    The Warrior Dash is coming to Marion County.
    As of Tuesday morning, the Warrior Dash website lists Pope's Creek Ranch, 2300 Ed Sullivan Road in Lebanon, as the "battleground" for a race on June 23.
    The Warrior Dash is the world's largest running series. Its races feature a boot-camp style obstacles along a 3.4-mile course.
    "We are very excited about this," said Nicky Reynolds, the executive director of the Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission.

  • Happy Trails

    This Friday, April 13, Marion Countians will have a reason to feel lucky.

    At noon, the Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission will celebrate the grand opening of the newly renovated Cecil L. Gorley Naturalist Trail.

    "It will be the culmination of a tremendous amount of teamwork," said Chris Hamilton, the former executive director of the Lebanon tourist commission.

  • Bradfordsville home damaged in fire

    A Bradfordsville house was damaged after a gas grill exploded Wednesday evening, but firefighters responded in time to save the house from burning down.

    The Lebanon Police Dispatch received a call reporting a house on fire at 4540 Hwy. 1157, which belongs to Kirby and Lisa Spalding.

    Bradfordsville firefighter Kevin Purdom said when they arrived on the scene, the Spaldings informed them that they had been grilling on the back porch when the grill exploded.

  • Graffiti, damage to handrails reported at Gorley Trail

    The recently renovated Cecil L. Gorley Trail has already become the target of vandals.
    Someone spray-painted graffiti on a kiosk near the trail and broke some handrails that were recently installed as part of the renovation effort.
    Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission Executive Director Nicky Reynolds said it's sad that someone would do that.
    "We did all that work to give something to everybody," she said.

  • Make mealtime family time

    One of the fondest memories of my childhood is that of my entire family sitting down almost every evening for a nice meal together.  It was a great opportunity for us to talk about the day’s events and stay connected with each other.  For most families these days it is hard to make time for family meals for many reasons.  But the benefits of sharing a meal together are tremendous for both parents and kids.

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • KORT has new clinic director