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  • Find something to be glad about

    Excuse me, but I’m about to channel my inner “Pollyanna.”
    For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pollyanna, let me explain.
    In the best-selling novel, Pollyanna, a young orphan, has been taught by her father how to play "the glad game," in which the goal is to "find something about everything to be glad about.”
    I’ve been trying to do this more often in my own life.
    Sometimes it’s difficult, or darn near impossible, but I still try.

  • Next time, take a cab

    I thought I was being smart when I slipped my wallet into my front pocket. I remember the smirk on my face when my wife, Emily, told me I should put it in the suitcase because it was all the money we had for this trip.
    “I’ll be fine,” I told her, patting the front of my jeans. A pickpocket would never go for the front one. It would be too easy for me to catch them.

  • HR 1942 and what it means

    By McKenna Dosier
    Summer Intern

    Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2016, HR 1942, was referred to committee in late April and is currently still there.
    This bill would make the sale or transport of horses and other equines for the purpose of consumption illegal. It would also label them as not domesticated for human consumption.
    Most of you are probably wide-eyed with your jaws on the floor right now. Horse slaughter in the U.S., who knew?

  • Celebrate freedom, remember our Founding Fathers

    As it has for nearly two-and-a-half centuries, our nation will pause on Monday to celebrate its “birth” day, commemorating a time 240 years ago when the Founding Fathers declared our independence.
    Since July 4, 1776, we have weathered a war for our freedom, a war against ourselves, and wars against those who would like nothing more than to see us and our values falter. Although the world has changed in countless ways since Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, our commitment to protect and promote freedom has never wavered.

  • Take pride in our foundation of freedom

    The Fourth of July gives us all a chance to reflect on our country and to take pride in our nation's enduring principles. It is the day on which the Declaration of Independence was ratified by exemplary visionaries who dared to create a new form of government and new laws for a new people. For the first time it was decided that every person is born with certain God-given rights and that government should have no powers of its own other than those granted to it by the people.  

  • LITTLE LEAGUE: Local All-Stars compete

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

    8U Boys All-Stars
    The Marion County 8U Boys All-Stars were in action in the Heart of the Bluegrass Tournament over the weekend and secured four victories.
    In the first game, the All-Stars defeated the Northern Cal. Red from Lexington 15-1. They then defeated the Sweet Heat 15-3 and 13-1 and defeated the Green County Bombers 15-3.
    The 8U Boys All Stars are coached by Billy Spalding.

    9-10U Girls All-Stars

  • Girl Power

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

    Ann Presley Thompson was only six when she started playing baseball. That, in itself, is pretty impressive, but that's now what makes this girl unique. Thompson is the only girl who played in the Marion County Little League Baseball League this past season.
    "It's not really any different being the only girl in the league," she said. "My teammates treat me just like one of the guys."

  • The Perfect Shot

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

    Tanner Barker's success on the archery field continued last weekend, June 17-19, as Barker won his second national championship at the 2016 Scholastic 3D National Championship in Metropolis, Illinois.
    "It felt great winning the championship," Barker said. "I was thrilled and very happy."
    Barker had good reason to be thrilled. Barker won the championship in a shoot off in which the top three players were matched up. Barker won with a score of 433.

  • Tee Time: Do you know your club’s sandbagger?

    By Dennis George

    For about a six-year stretch in the early 2000s, my neighbor Rob Spragens and I would sign up to play in a four-ball tournament at Persimmon Ridge Golf Course.
    And, for about a six-year stretch, I would get a phone call from the tournament director asking me if we were competing in the scratch division or the handicap division. (I could never remember to mark it on the entry form.)
    We always played in the scratch division because we did not have to give or receive strokes. It was pure golf.

  • What really matters

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

    A missed three-pointer, a dropped pass, a strikeout. All are results no team wants (unless of course it will benefit you), yet most people would overlook those situations in the first half of a game or in early innings. They simply aren't as important when it's early in the contest, but when it's late in the game, those mistakes and errors are magnified. There's not much time left and your chances to score are limited.