Today's News

  • Marion County Public Library is unbound!

    The Marion County Public Library is now live with Kentucky Libraries Unbound. Library patrons in good standing now have access to e-books, online audio books, music and video downloads all through your library card. You can access the system through the MCPL's website at www.marioncopublic.org. Just click on catalogue and follow the directions from there. Call (270) 692-4698 with any questions.

  • Dog dumping dilemma

    Recent allegations of dogs being buried alive at the Taylor County Animal Shelter have caused a great deal of controversy, and the fallout is starting to cross county lines.


    Within the past three weeks, approximately 27 dogs have been dropped off at the Taylor County/Marion County line, according to Kay Turpin, Marion County Animal Control official.

    "We've never had this problem before. It's bad," she said. "Our shelter is packed to the brim."

  • Promotion

    When Teresa Margaret Hawkins learned that she would be awarded the rank of master sergeant, she knew exactly where she wanted to have her ceremony - Hawk's Place in Loretto.

    Normally, this ceremony would take place where Hawkins works, at the Office of the Chief Prosecutor, Office of the Military Commission in Washington D.C.

    "I asked my leadership at work if I could share this special moment with dad and mom and my friends," Hawkins said.

  • Times changed for Marion County-Adair County basketball games

    Marion County will host Adair County in high school basketball double-header Tuesday, Dec. 6.

    However, the original order of the games has been changed.

    The boys will play at 6:30 p.m., followed by the girls game around 8 p.m.

  • Fiscal court meeting Dec. 1

    The Marion County Fiscal Court is scheduled to meet in regular session at 4 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, at the David R. Hourigan Government Center.

    Items on the agenda include:

    - Minutes of the previous meeting

    - Marion County Detention Center policy revisions

    - Marion County Sheriff's 2010 tax settlement audit report

    - Marion County Water District 2012 budget proposal

    - Approval of Jailer Barry Brady's request for 10-year service awards

    - Recognition of LMS Lady Patriots basketball team

  • Protect your home

    By Debra Stamper

    Guest columnist

    Third party tax purchasers can buy a homeowner's delinquent property tax bill and get the right to hold the debt, plus 12 percent interest, plus administrative fees, plus attorney's fees for up to 11 years as a first lien on a home. If the amounts due are not paid, the third party tax purchaser CAN FORECLOSE on the home. 

  • Run like a girl

    "Running is like celebrating your soul. There's so much it can teach us in life."

    - Molly Barker, founder and executive director of Girls on the Run


    Every time I step on the pavement in my running shoes, I make new observations of how life and running are so very similar.

    Life is hard. So is running.

    Both take dedication, heart, endurance, guts, strength and humility.

  • It’s important to cook, eat at home

    The approaching holiday season reinforces a truth about eating: Dining at home with family and friends is rewarding, fun and enjoyable. In the coming year, consider making cooking and dining at home a priority in your family. It controls food costs and helps with weight management, and it brings a family together.

  • Try these turkey tips next year




    Before I forget, I wanted to share a couple tips for next Thanksgiving. I soaked my turkey in a brine of ice water and kosher salt (about a cup of salt) and really noticed a difference. It was extra tender and juicy.

    It’s an additional step, but I feel it’s really worth the trouble.

    Also, I roasted my turkey on a bed of carrot, onion, and celery chunks. Then when I was making the gravy, I put all the roasted vegetables in the blender, pureed them, and added them to the gravy.

  • Pick poinsettias at their peak