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  • 1-16-13 Church Brief

    High school come and see weekend
    The Sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, Ind. are holding a come and see event for high school girls, freshmen to seniors Feb. 15-17. This is a chance to learn what it is like to be a nun in today’s world. Pray, eat and recreate with the sisters. For more information, call Sister Michelle Sinkhorn at 1 (800) 738-9999, or visit our web page www.thedome.org, where you can also register online, or email vocation@thedome.org. Parent permission is required.

  • 1-16-13 Public Record

    It is the policy of  The Lebanon Enterprise to publish public records as they are reported by various agencies.
    This policy has been established to preserve the fairness and impartiality of The Lebanon Enterprise.
    Names appearing in public records and documents published by The Enterprise will be published without exceptions.
    Public records are published as a news service to our readers.

  • Lebanon man indicted on drug trafficking charge

    Anthony Tyrone Graves, 43, of 65 Sunrise Drive in Lebanon was indicted for first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance second or subsequent offense (four or more grams) and second-degree persistent felony offender in Marion Circuit Court recently.
    According to the indictment, on or about Aug. 22, 2011, Graves trafficked in a Schedule II or II narcotic drug (four or more grams), or he aided, abetted or counseled with another in said act.
    The indictment also reads that he was over 21 and stood convicted of at least one felony after his 18th birthday.

  • More round-up indictments released

    The indictments listed below were approved by the Marion Circuit grand jury on Dec. 7, 2012. They were unsealed after arrests were made as part of a Dec. 20 round-up, which was conducted by the Lebanon Police Department, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, the Kentucky State Police and the Appalachia HIDTA Task Force.
    The cases below were presented to Marion Circuit Judge Allan Bertram on Jan. 4. The cases presented to Marion Circuit Judge Dan Kelly were reported last week.

  • 1-16-13 Police Log

    Got a lead?
    The Lebanon Police Department’s tip line is (270) 692-5529.

  • Quality, care means garden equipment lasts longer


  • We must continue to manage and improve our pastures


  • Oldies but goodies


  • Hunting seasons we have left

    Every once in a while something happens which points out that not everybody understands what I write. I’m pretty sure that happens when I just take for granted that everyone hunts and/or fishes!
    Case in point: I recently wrote about duck hunting and the use of a blind. Well, I got a call from a lady, who is an accomplished angler, asking what a “blind” was. Kinda caught me flat footed and brought home the notion that I should maybe explain myself a little better when I write.

  • Aquaknights keep breaking school records