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  • Deer hunters 12-8-10
  • Linescores 12-8-10

    Marion County Youth Basketball League
    10- and 11-Year-Old Girls
    At Glasscock            Elementary School
    Mystics 18: Faith Pittman 4, Anna Thomas 3, Eternity Smith 2, Kiah Cox 4, Amanda Miles 2, Caroline Buckman 3.
    Comets 20: Morgan Mattingly 7, Abby Jo Maupin 1, Caroline Reed 3, Amelia Smith 2, Alaysia White 7.

    Liberty 14: Asia Cowherd 9, Allison Maupin 3, Haley Carlton 2.
    Fire 15: Kelly Overstreet 10, Emma Edlin 1, Cloe May 2, Bethany Mattingly 2.

  • Geese flushed, most of them got away

    Last weekend was all about goose hunting…and putting up the Christmas tree. But don’t think I didn’t enjoy doing both, because I did!
    Saturday, Mark, Jason, John O. and I were invited to hunt a small pond, to provide some “goose eradication” service.

  • Police Log 12-8-10

    Friday, Nov. 12
    - Hilpp Construction was the reported victim of theft by unlawful taking and first-degree criminal mischief. Copper line with an estimated value of $50 was reportedly taken Nov. 5. Five heat pumps were also damaged. The amount of damage was unknown at the time of the report.

    Friday, Nov. 26
    - Tiffany L. Redfern of Chestnut Street in Lebanon was the reported victim of fourth-degree assault domestic violence.  No injuries were reported, and she did not require medical attention.

    Saturday, Nov. 27

  • Kentucky Farm Bureau
  • Hoops 2010

    By Josh Veatch

  • Holiday spices come from tropical plants

    Considering how the quest for exotic spice fueled exploration around the world in the 15th century it is no wonder that our favorite holiday flavors herald from around the world.  From Southwest India to Southeast Asia we find cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and mace.

  • EQUIP, WHIP application deadlines are Jan. 28

    Each fiscal year, the Natural Resources Conservation Service sets ranking period dates for applications taken for USDA Farm Bill programs.  Although ranking dates may vary from program to program, landowners may sign-up at any time for all conservation programs.
    The next ranking cut-off date is January 28, 2011 and will include applications for both the Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

  • Hanukkah comfort food

    In ancient times, when the Greeks conquered the Jews and took over their temple in Jerusalem, they tried to force all the citizens of Jerusalem to worship their god, Zeus.  The Jews refused, and got an army together to fight the Greeks and their leader, Antiochus Epiphanes.  Although the Jews were outnumbered six to one, they prevailed against the Greeks and marched back into Jerusalem to re-take their temple.  

  • Along for the ride

    Marion County Animal Control Officer Jeff Wooldridge is driving through Brookhaven when a woman walking her own dog waves him down. She points out a friendly, "black and tan" dog that has no tags and no owner.

    Wooldridge parks and gets out to find another Brookhaven resident has picked up the dog. The man hands it over to Wooldridge, who then loads it into a cage in the back of his vehicle.