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  • It’s time to prune roses

    It is alright to go ahead and cut your roses back and cover the bud union to protect it from winters chill. We have had enough cold weather now that roses have finally started down the road to dormancy for their annual long winter nap.
    When cutting your roses back there is one very important thing to keep in mind, such as what kind of roses do you have? There are different pruning requirements for different rose types.

  • Look what turned up!
  • Public Record 12-01-10

    New drivers
    NOTICE: Any permit holder wishing to take the road test can call (270) 692-2681 to schedule an appointment.
    The following passed the road test Nov. 23, 2010, and earned their Kentucky driver’s license.
    Jessica R. Krenning
    Tyler A. Gerard
    Zachary T. Buckler
    George L. Rakes Jr.
    Meagan J. Medley
    Tadahito Nanri


  • Trees... fresh-cut, live or artificial?

    Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is serious business for me.  Some may find it a trivial chore but I want a tree that will be worth the effort of cleaning, moving furniture, hauling boxes, lights, step ladders and more.  But once the mundane is done then the fun begins.  Each ornament that adorns the tree has a story to tell about my grandparents, parents or me.  The tree is indeed important because it holds the past. And it must hold the past, in the form of many beloved ornaments, securely and with style.

  • Schools save over $190,000 in energy costs

    Marion County Schools has made a positive contribution to the environment while improving the quality of education for students.
    From 2006-10 the school district has saved $192,000 in energy costs and reduced annual greenhouse gas emissions by 3,051 tons. This is the equivalent of:
    · 660 cars not driven for one year
    · 7,095 barrels of oil not burned
    · 392 household’s electricity use for one year
    · 25 acres of forest saved from deforestation
    · And saving more than $192,224 in energy costs

  • Knights finish preseason games

    The Marion County High School boys’ basketball team wrapped up their last preseason scrimmage Saturday against Holy Cross and Metcalfe County at Campbellsville.
    The Knights started their preseason schedule against Madison Central Wednesday of last week at Roby Dome. The Knights and Madison Central each won two quarters.
    Senior Kendrick Knopp led the way for the Knights with 22 points. Junior Carlos Litsey scored 10 points and grabbed 12 rebounds.
    Knopp scored 15 and 11 against Holy Cross and Metcalfe County.

  • State meth labs reach all-time high

    As the methods for illegally obtaining the ingrediants to create methamphetamine evolve, it becomes easier to manufacture meth and law enforcement is seeing a spike in meth lab incidents.  Kentucky State Police (KSP) released the October methamphetamine lab statistics today and the number indicates an all-time high in the Commonwealth.
    KSP reports that there were 111 meth labs found during the month of October, exceeding all previous monthly totals, bringing the 2010 statewide total to 919.

  • School Menus

    Monday, Dec. 6: Sausage gravy and biscuits or cereal and toast, juice and milk.
    Tuesday, Dec. 7: iced cinnamon rolls and toast or cereal and toast, juice and milk.
    Wednesday, Dec. 8: Scrambled eggs and toast or cereal and toast, juice and milk.
    Thursday, Dec. 9: Honey bun and toast or cereal and toast, juice and milk.
    Friday, Dec. 10: Breakfast sausage pizza and toast or cereal and toast, juice and milk.
    Elementary schools

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    The youth from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with the guidance of their parents and Dan Kelly, combine their talents with youth from other organizations and faiths to help strengthen the community.  Their talents include music, acting, and dance. They play Bluegrass, old country, modern pop, hymns, classical, and “old-timer” music.   

  • Life Matters