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  • Start a spring vegetable garden

    Now that the economy has slid into decline and money is tighter, it seems it's time for us to get back to the basics. What better way to do that than to plant a vegetable garden?

    Mid to late March is an ideal time to plant your cool season or spring garden. Potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, peas and many other crops can be planted this month. Lettuce can also be planted, however you will want to cover it with remay fabric (tobacco canvas).

  • 25 random things, but not quite about me

     I don’t have a Facebook account, nor do I intend to create one (so quit asking). Despite that, I know about the “25 Random Things About Me” phenomenon because I’ve seen several news stories about it.

  • Q & A with former athlete Jennifer Tom

    Jennifer Tom is a 2008 graduate from Marion County High School who is currently playing soccer at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia.

    What sports did you play while you were at MCHS? What positions? At MCHS, my sophomore year when I first moved here I played soccer, basketball, and softball.

    In soccer I mainly played in the midfield area but there were instances where I played sweeper as well as striker. I even had the unfortunate opportunity of playing keeper for two games when our usual keeper, Courtney Leake, was injured when we played John Hardin.

  • Lady Knights fall short on going to state

    These Lady Knights are young.

    Two eighth-graders. A freshman. A sophomore. One senior. Sounds young, right? That's the starting lineup for this year's Marion County High School girls basketball team.

    Someone forgot to tell the Lady Knights how young they were heading into last week's Fifth Region tournament because they almost outplayed a senior led squad that is ranked as the best in the state.

  • Stem cell research: Friend or foe?

    Cells, science, ethics, medicine, and morals: just some of the words that describe the world of stem cell research. To the average American, this is just some educated mumbo-jumbo that is hardly worth following. The Bush Administration cooled the flames of stem cell research in early 2001, by limiting the amount of taxpayer dollars that could be spent on the research. 

  • Blueberry planting and maintenance

    No other berry crop has gained the popularity of the blueberry.

    I am glad it has earned this distinction because blueberries are actually pretty easy to grow if you provide them with some timely attention.

    Once they are established some late winter pruning and fertilization is all you need to do to keep them in production.

  • History is worth preserving, but it must be done right

    Putting the cart before the horse.

    It's a common mistake when beginning a new project. People get so excited about thoughts of the end result that they innocently skip over some of the most essential steps along the way.

    That is what we believe has happened with the Marion County Historical Society and its plans for a local history museum. The society and its members have hundreds of fascinating items to include in exhibits and a list of possible volunteers to help with the day-to-day happenings at the museum, but several key components are missing.

  • St. Baldrick's Day 2009

    More than 60 people shaved their heads during Citizens National Bank's third annual St. Baldrick's Day event  Saturday, March 14.

    See The Lebanon Enterprise web site and print edition this week for final results and more photos!

    What is St. Baldrick's?

  • Dress up some cornbread

    Cornbread is comfort food to me-a fond taste memory from my childhood.

    My grandma Dillon made cornbread all the time, lots of different ways. Sometimes she'd make the fried cornbread common around here (she called it "Southern cornbread".)

    She also made regular cornbread in a cast iron skillet and sometimes in cast iron corn stick pans which I still have.

    She even made a special souffle-like cornbread, which she called "spoonbread." It was light and buttery, and sometimes we put gravy on it.

  • In training

    Sophomore Jordan Bell tosses to a teammate during the first day of spring practice for the Marion County High School football team. Bell and freshman Ryan Peterson are competing for the starting quarterback spot next season, the only skill position battle going on due to the return of so many members of last year's team.

    More photos can be seen at www.MCSports.org