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  • Smothers wants to remain community's 'voice'

    Incumbent District E Magistrate Roger "Cotton" Smothers survived a four-way primary in May as the only candidate on the Nov. 2 ballot. Last week, however, he gained a challenger in write-in candidate Joe Livers.

    Smothers, 42, remains committed to the people of his district and the county, he wrote in response to a questionnaire from the Enterprise. (Both Smothers' and Livers' complete questionnaires are available online at www.lebanonenterprise.com.)

  • A place to sit and REMEMBER

    The second-graders huddled around the table where Penny Nelson was demonstrating how to tie a friendship knot.

    "Left, right, under and up," she repeated with each braid.

    Before sending the students to their various work stations, she also gave them a reminder.

    "There are no mistakes in artwork," she said, "just design changes."

  • Mission: Healthy Babies

    Approximately 40 walkers from Marion and Taylor counties participated in the first Green River Walk at Graham Memorial Park in Lebanon Saturday.

    The walk is a fund-raiser for the March of Dimes, which works to prevent birth defects, premature births and infant mortality.

    "Our mission is that one day every baby is going to be born healthy," said Mandy Kucela, the March of Dimes Barren River District director.

  • U.S. Rep. candidate Ed Marksberry

    Federal office questionnaire   Name: Ed Marksberry       Age: 47   Educational background: High School Graduate   

    Work Experience: Home Builder, Carpenter and Real Estate Agent

      Family Information: Married with two children  

    Organizations (church, civic groups, etc.): Methodist Church Soup Kitchen, Democratic Executive Committee Member, Sam's Club

  • District E Magistrate candidate - Roger "Cotton" Smothers

    Roger "Cotton"  Smothers 

  • Homemade Halloween

    Back in the "olden" days when I was a trick-or-treater on Halloween, we got homemade treats most of the time. We probably didn't appreciate it then, but we were sure lucky. We would go door-to-door in my very small town, filling up our bags with smaller bags of caramel corn, peanut butter candy, and something we called "cracker fudge." Only the really little kids were accompanied by parents. Most of us were on our own, and we knew the best houses to go to for the really good stuff.

  • David Ford's wife indicted for murder

    Tonya Ford, the widow of Lebanon Police officer David Ford, has been indicted for murder in connection with his death.

    David Ford was killed Feb. 10, 2009, at his home in Campbellsville .

    Tonya Ford, 37, of Campbellsville was indicted yesterday in Taylor Circuit Court. According to the indictment, on or about Feb. 10, 2009, she caused the death of David Ford and intended to do so, or she aided, abetted or counseled with another in said act.

    Tonya Ford's bond was set at $30,000.

  • Bradfordsville City Commission candidate: Lee Tungate

    Lee Tungate

  • A new view of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    While reflecting on the insignificance of the "Aqua Buddha", I came across a news item that offered a respite from the onslaught of campaign advertising. The Dead Sea Scrolls are getting the Google treatment (more on that later). The text and translations have been available for some time, but digitizing the scrolls and scroll fragments will allow more people access to what is inside. These scrolls were discovered in the 1940s quite by accident. A teenage Bedooin shepherd had gone up to some caves searching for a goat that had gone missing.

  • District judicial candidate: Jeff Eastham

    Jeff Eastham