Today's News

  • Kentucky Cooperage donates $2,500 to the Marion County Good Samaritans Foundation, Inc.
  • What is your favorite game to hunt?

    As an outdoorsman or -woman, have you ever played the “what if” game?
    What if you were given the choice of hunting one season and one season only? Take it even further and chose your weapon and one weapon only?
    What would it be? Would it be doves with a Browning over/under in 12 gauge? Dove hunting would be a good choice. Weather’s usually nice, the bag limit is generous, and you can hunt with a bunch of friends! And they’re good eatin’. You’ll shoot a lot, but hit less than you shoot.

  • Bump, set, SPIKE!

    As part of the Summer Dream Academy, Lebannon Elementary School hosted a Summer SLAM, a camp to teach basic volleyball and teamworks skills.
    Participants learned techniques to practice skills on the court and did team-building exercises off the court.

  • On Deck

    Marion County All-Stars practiced last week in preparation for Little League all-star tournaments. The 12-and-under and 10-and-under softball tournaments started this past Sunday.

  • 98 bills go into effect today

    Interim activity continues, and in our meetings there has been very significant data provided. During the IJC on labor and industry last week, Dr. Kate Akers of the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics reported that nearly 63 percent of Kentucky public high school graduates were college and/or career ready in 2014. While the numbers are an increase over previous years, it is difficult to compare with other states because Kentucky is unique in this measurement.

  • Change is on the horizon for Kentucky’s internet speeds

    Three months ago, when the Washington Post ran a story comparing peak broadband internet speeds among the states, the news for Kentucky was not good: We came in last, behind Arkansas. Our rate is half of what can be found in Virginia, which placed second.

  • Find the benefits of a multi-generational workforce

    By Kenny Rambo

    Our current workplace culture includes more generations working together than ever before. For the first time in history we have four generations in the workplace at one time – traditionalists, baby boomers, Gen X and millennials. Such a diverse group of people working together can create challenges for workplace culture, but this also provides an opportunity for employees to learn and grow as a team.

  • Remembering those we’ve lost

    Friday, June 19, would have been David Litsey Jr.’s 25th birthday.
    To mark the occasion, his family and friends gathered at his grave in the St. Augustine Cemetery. Balloons were passed out with a message on the side: “It’s been a long day without you my friend, I’ll tell you about it when I see you again!”
    As the family gathered to remember, someone read a poem, “The Loss of a Cousin.”
    Everyone released their balloons, and David’s mother, Linda, led a prayer.

  • Flash flood watch in effect from 11 a.m. through Saturday

    The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for several Kentucky counties, including Marion County, from 11 a.m. Friday, June 19, through late Saturday night, June 20.

    Rounds of storms are expected to bring heavy rainfall as Tropical Depression Bill passes through the area, according to the weather service. Flash flooding may occur in areas where the ground is saturated as "periods of torrential rainfall" occur, the weather service is reporting.

  • Fiscal court meets this afternoon

    The Marion County Fiscal Court is scheduled to meet in regular session at 4 p.m. Thursday, June 18, at the David R. Hourigan Government Building.

    The agenda includes the following:

    • Minutes of the previous meeting 

    • Request for support for Central Kentucky Community Action

    • Second Reading of the LTDHD Blood Born Ordinance

    • Insurance settlement from the sheriff’s department.