• Life-saving, landmark legislation in effect

    Life-saving, landmark legislation was achieved by the Kentucky General Assembly during the final hours of the 2015 short session. Senate Bill 192, a comprehensive approach to address the scourge of heroin addiction in Kentucky, reached final passage after countless hours of bipartisan work throughout this session. In fact, this is the third year that the Senate has led the charge on heroin legislation. The bill was signed into law Wednesday morning, March 25, by Gov. Beshear, and is now in effect due to an emergency clause.

  • Marriage for all, or at least anyone who wants it

    On the national level, a variety of news stories are always competing for attention, so you may have missed what I consider some particularly good news.
    In March, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to change its official definition of marriage. As a result of that vote, that church body now defines marriage as a "commitment between two people." (See story here: http://goo.gl/c6df3J.)

  • General Assembly has more than one winner

    In one way, the bills filed each legislative session are not much different from the teams taking part in the NCAA basketball tournaments. Some advance, while others find out that this is not their year.
    There is one key difference in the General Assembly’s version of March Madness, however: More than one “winner” is crowned.

  • Networking: Build relationships, not your rolodex

    By Jerisia Lamons

    Networking is the single most effective way to land a job, yet many job seekers struggle to navigate how, where and with whom to make professional connections.
    A key characteristic of a healthy network is that it is built over time. Ideally, when you’re ready to seek out your next opportunity, it will seem natural to contact former colleagues, employers, classmates and friends because you’ve preserved those relationships.

  • Peter Rabbit and Friends on stage in Lebanon this week

    By G.B. Dixon

    Children's theatre is, for those who guide it, a Biblical experience akin to the likes of Job. Few beyond directors, school teachers, coaches, or Mother Teresa can appreciate its demands on the human psyche.

  • Anything is possible

    Standing on the Santa Monica Pier, proudly wearing my Los Angeles Marathon medal and holding a gigantic chocolate ice cream cone, a woman congratulated me on my accomplishment and then asked me what seemed to be a simple question: “Why did you want to run a marathon?”
    I’m rarely short for words, but I honestly wasn’t sure how to answer that question.

  • Legislature’s final two days could produce positive results for Kentucky

    Editor’s note: This guest column was written prior to the last two days of the legislative session.

    Each legislative session, the public understandably focuses most of its attention on the biggest issues facing the General Assembly, which this year range from addressing a heroin epidemic to modernizing rules for the telecommunications industry.

  • A break before final days of session

     The 2015 Kentucky General Assembly adjourned near midnight on March 11, signaling the close of a complex and issue-laden short session. Thursday began the governor’s 10-day veto period during which he can review the bills passed by both houses for his approval or veto. Following his veto period, we will reconvene for the final two days, adjourning sine die on March 24. 

  • Work continues on heroin bill

     When it comes to illegal drug use, few states have been hit as hard as Kentucky over the last 15 years. We have lost thousands of loved ones during that time to a rising tide of meth, synthetic drugs, prescription drug abuse and heroin, and tens of thousands more have seen their lives ruined.

  • Get caught in ‘Mousetrap’

    By G.B. Dixon

    Guest columnist