• Bicycle ride for arts rolls through county Oct. 6

    By Charlie Pearl

    Last fall I said I wouldn't be doing this again.

    I changed my mind.

    Along with 50 others, I'm participating this week in the ninth annual Governor's Autumn Bicycle Ride Across Kentucky.

    Starting Thursday, GABRAKY is a four-day, 250-mile journey going from Carrollton by the Ohio River to Dale Hollow Lake State Resort on the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

  • History in the making?

    Update: Since the Sept. 26 print edition went to press, the Enterprise has confirmed that a Gravel Switch Historic District is also on the agenda of today's meeting in Springfield of the Kentucky Historic Preservation Review Board. Both the Loretto and Gravel Switch historic district proposals are part of a proposal to create historic districts in Crossroad Communities in Marion and Washington County. The Washington County districts include Mackville and Willisburg.

  • Tiny babies, big problem

    The people of Marion County have big hearts.
    I've witnessed that firsthand on many occasions.
    It's just one of the reasons I'm proud to live and work here.
    But, I have to get something off my chest that has been bothering me for the past several years.
    I'm disappointed in Marion County's support, or lack thereof, of the March of Dimes.

  • Family, fitness and fun

    Parents and their children exercising... together!
    I witnessed that very thing Saturday at the seventh annual Family Fitness and Safety Day at Graham Memorial Park in Lebanon.
    It was a welcome sight to see.
    I watched children and their parents compete in sack races, run through obstacle courses and they even humored me and did some of my "Girls on the Run warm-up exercises," which included squat jacks.

  • Car seating arrangements

    By Ken Begley

    There aren't many things that annoy me as much as when we travel in our van as a family. We have seven people in our family and the van holds exactly seven. It doesn't matter how close we are to where we're going, someone is always unhappy with the seating positions.
    Cindy and I are always up front.
    The rest of the seats are a free-for-all.

  • It's about to get busy

    Anyone who has spent any time in Marion County knows that the end of September is a busy time. I learned that the hard way when I moved here seven years ago - on the Friday of Ham Days weekend.
    But the 2012 festival may be unlike anything Lebanon has seen.
    Ham Days always brings a crowd on its own, but people will have even more reasons to visit than the ham breakfast, contests and the Pigasus Parade this year.

  • These are songs of the season

    By Joberta Wells

    As I get older I am more aware of the seasons and things that define them. Songs of the burgeoning fauna fascinate me, especially after a long hard winter.
    In late February or early March we begin to hear one of my favorite songs, the song of the spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer), otherwise known as frogs. They inhabit every pond, every ditch, and every low-lying marsh and they inhabit my heart with joy.  I love these little guys and their song.

  • A new life

    By James Roberts

    Landmark News Service

  • Seek many sources, then vote

    Last week, the Republican party held its national convention. This week, the Democratic party is holding one, too.
    Once upon a time, the conventions meant something. The parties sometimes did not know who their candidate would be until the week of the convention. Today, the nominees are known several months ahead of the conventions, and that turns the conventions into nothing more than glorified infomercials.

  • Turleman-iacs

    The first time I met Ernie Brown Jr., a.k.a. Turtleman, he swept me off my feet.


    He does that to many women, apparently. In fact, it's become one of his signature moves. And it's just one of the many reasons why he's become a worldwide sensation.

    Sure, he catches snapping turtles and other wild creatures with his bare hands, but I've discovered that his fans love him for many other reasons besides his turtle catching abilities.