• Letter to the editor: Love wins

    Love wins
    I have been reading the editorials with dismay these last few weeks. I am surprised of the tone and wording of so many of the letters from “Christians.” I recall reading Carrie Bridgman’s piece and thinking how fair and peaceful she came across. Then in striking contrast I read submissions from several church leaders and found it hard to get through them. 

  • Letters to the editor - July 22, 2015

    Keep art and art teacher at SCMS
    I read with dismay that St. Charles Middle School had eliminated art classes. It might have been nice to give the public a little notice that this decision was pending, so that input from parents and grandparents would have been possible.

  • Letter to the editor: SCMS’s decision to ditch art is not a good one

    St. Charles Middle School has eliminated the position of art teacher at their school. This decision leaves a fully equipped art room empty, and the absence of a specialized art teacher to give students the creative opportunities that we as a community have taken for granted.

  • Letters to the editor - July 1, 2015

    Our country is in distress

  • Letters to the editor - June 24, 2015

    Elect someone who will listen
    While our board leaves much to be desired, we certainly have added two great leaders to the ranks.

  • Head Start is a community asset
  • Letter to the editor: Support Grimes to continue good work for Kentucky

    Support Grimes to continue good work for Kentucky
    There is an important election coming up on May 19. Please vote!
    I have been blessed to have been allowed to serve the good people of Marion County for a little over two terms as your judge/executive. In my years of government service, I have met, and served with a lot of political folks, but not a lot of them are true public servants. I can honestly say that Alison Grimes is one of those “servant leaders.” She puts the people first in everything she does.

  • Letters to the editor - May 6, 2015

    Hal Heiner will move Kentucky forward
    Having been involved in politics for years and having worked on many campaigns and having previously served as the Hardin County GOP Chairman for over eight years and as GOP chairman of the old Second District for four years, I can tell you that only once have I changed my mind regarding which GOP candidate I would support. I have always liked Jamie Comer and I still do, but after meeting personally and speaking with Hal Heiner on three different occasions, I have changed my support from Comer to Heiner. 

  • Letters to the editor - April 22, 2015

    Concern for babies
    It’s sad that we don’t show the same concern for the 3,500 babies murdered by abortion daily that we do for the dog found in Raywick last week.
    God have mercy on us.
    Larry Wheatley

  • Letters to the editor - April 15, 2015

    MCDC is a model for other jails
    Kay Carlew, Susan Classen, Elizabeth Croom, Maria Visse and I visited the Marion County Detention Center and were impressed with what we found. The entrance is attractive and landscaped. Inside we found a secure, clean, well-lighted facility with space for programs.  Residents are treated with respect and are expected to treat everyone with respect. Mutual respect permeates the facility.