• Superintendent willing to make the tough decisions

    Superintendent is willing to make the tough decisions
    As a member of the Marion County Board of Education, I feel compelled to respond to your editorial “Ready, Steady, Go” in the May 14 issue of your newspaper, which detailed the numerous suspensions and resignations of school personnel during the past year. The conclusion reached in your editorial was that these departures seem excessive, when compared to past years, and that something needs to be done about it.

  • Letters to the editor - May 21, 2014

    The school board is wrong
    What is happening to our once great Marion County school district? It is crumbling before our very eyes. What is with all the people let go, resignations, moving of people to various positions, etc.? I worked in the school system as a teacher aide and office position for 15 years and never have I seen the likes of what is occurring.

  • Letters to the editor - May 14, 2014

    Vote Dudley Friend Adle for District 3 magistrate

  • Letters to the editor - May 7, 2014

    Father will keep fighting for son
    My son, David Litsey Jr., was killed more than a year and a half ago. I often think of a song he wrote, "Litsey, where you been so long?"
    Since his death, I'm tired of people whispering about me and pointing fingers when I walk by. Few people know what my family has been through. I feel like we have been railroaded by the court system.

  • Letters to the editor - April 30, 2014

    Good work, TGKY
    I don’t blame any citizen, farmer or organization that accepts money from the proposed pipeline, but it feels like our community is being bought out with grand promises of jobs (temporary), economic opportunity and high safety standards (Google: pipeline explosions). I speak as someone whose farm is crossed by two pipelines, and I have yet to see a positive environmental impact from either of the companies.

  • Letters to the editor - April 23, 2014

    May is National Foster Care Month
    May is National Foster Care Month, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank foster and kinship parents in our community for their hard work and dedication to families across our region. This month provides the opportunity to thank the foster families who provide homes and love to children who need them. Foster parents often become the substitute family for the youth regardless of how long they stay – be it an hour or a lifetime.

  • Letter: Don’t let positive people leave Lebanon

     I am emailing this to Lebanon, Kentucky to ask the superintendents and officials to not let the positive people leave Lebanon, Kentucky.

  • Letter: Vote for Jackie Wicker

     To the citizens of district one, a tough vote will come up this May. Remember all the things that Jackie Wicker has done for the community. He has done so much for Bradfordsville and the community center, including all kinds of things for the seniors and the school.

  • Letters to the editor - April 9, 2014

    What I learned in Frankfort
    On March 21, with a bipartisan 75-16 vote, HB 31 passed the Kentucky House of Representatives and was sent to the Senate. Senate leadership refused to assign this bill to a committee or allow a vote on Sen. Jimmy Higdon’s related SB 14. In an effort to protect landowner’s rights, Sen. Higdon filed floor amendments to three different bills, which is a total of five bills that Senate leadership didn’t allow to advance.

  • Letters to the editor - April 2, 2014

    Wicker is dedicated to Bradfordsville
    I am writing this letter in support of my friend Jackie Wicker who is up for re-election as Magistrate District One. Jackie has 11 years experience as magistrate in this district and he has always been our force in fiscal court regardless of his own personal opinions. His duties include budgeting for our county offices, solid waste, economic development, road maintenance and improvements along with a lot of other departments such as the jail, sheriff and EMS. And, he has never once voted to raise our taxes.