• Letter: That’s gonna leave a mark

    It was with dismay, I took in the full reality of the headline’s forboding – “Maker's Mark cutting alcohol volume in its bourbon.”
    My first reaction was one of disbelief, hoping against hope this was a joke, a prank, an effort by some online troll to foment rebellion and insurgency inside the Commonwealth.
    Well, turns out, this was not the case – this was a reality, a reality I could hardly believe. Apparently, dropping from 90-proof to 84-proof was going to increase the marketable product by six percent.

  • Letter: Mental illness is real

    First of all I would like to say I’m very grateful to Tammy and April Lawson for having the courage to step up and tell their story of their loved one David Ray Clarkson Jr. I am truly sorry for their loss.
    My story is a lot like their story. I have a family member who is going through the same thing as David did. There seems to be no help for them out there. We don’t have facilities for the mentally challenged and they definitely need help. They don’t just need to be thrown into jail, which only makes it worse. They need to be rehabilitated.

  • Letter: Farewell to an Elder

    Mary Clyde (Wilson) Bettge, a native of Bradfordsville and well known to many in Marion County passed away recently on Dec. 12, 2012 in north Virginia. Her passion was genealogy and that’s how we met in 1996. It’s ironic that my “letter to the editor” in October of 1996 thanking the community of Lebanon for their assistance and friendliness, when I was stranded for a long weekend due to car trouble, caught Mary Clyde’s eye. 

  • Letter: Proud of Lady Knights

    I am writing to congratulate the Marion County High School Lady Knights basketball team and to wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the season. This has been a spectacular season for the Lady Knights and their fans.

  • Letter: Learning from tragedy

  • Letter: ‘Tree tunnels’ are gone along Route 49

    I am horrified by the way the trees are pruned along route 49 between the Nelson County line and Raywick. The people of Marion County should be, too.   

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  • Letter: Constable candidate asks not to be seated


    Editor’s note: Dudley Friend Adle Jr., who ran unopposed for the constable, sent the following letter to Marion County Clerk Karen Spalding in light of the Marion County Fiscal Court’s recent decision to require him to post a $2 million surety bond.

    The Marion County Fiscal Court met on Nov. 15 to discuss the constable position in District E. At that meeting they concluded that a surety bond of $2,000,000  would be required for the position of constable in District E.

  • Letter: Outreach meal a success