• Letter: Vandals steal Christmas spirit


  • Letter: Item found

    If you all hear about someone losing a piece to a Jazzie mobility  scooter, I found it on US 68 between Lebanon and Gravel Switch.
    I have it in my possession and would gladly return it to its rightful owner.  
    C.A. Roller Sr.

  • Letter: You bet I'm a vet

  • Letters to the editor, Oct. 31, 2012

    We can stop the cycle in our community

    October is domestic violence awareness month and I am intrigued by our community's tolerance with such a horrific act. I truly don't believe we understand the catastrophic damage one causes when they choose to physically and mentally abuse another person.

  • Letter: Help the Rescue Squad

    The Marion County Rescue Squad is asking for the community's assistance in helping raise money for the purchase of a new hydraulic pump and special cutters to be used on motor vehicle accidents involving entrapment. Marion County Rescue is made up of a group of very dedicated volunteers and we must rely on our community for help with funding.

  • Letter: Stand up for our country, vote

    I am worried about the state of our nation. I am fearful for my children's future. Every day "pop culture" mocks our country's history and the values America was founded on. News organizations, "think tanks" and the ivory towers of America's universities are asking, "Is the Constitution still relevant?" Why is this happening? It is a leadership problem.

  • Letter: Today's tragic statistics

    Fourteen years ago last Sunday, a man riding a bicycle across the wind-swept prairie in Cheyenne, Wyo., discovered the tiny, nearly frozen, body of Matthew Shepard beaten to a pulp and crucified on a deer fence... barely clinging to life... the only place on his face not covered in blood washed clean by a tear from his right eye that had run down his cheek. Matthew could have been your son, or your brother, or maybe, your friend...

  • Letter: Tourist commission should apologize

    I'm a little dismayed that it's news that two restaurants have been turned over to the county attorney. I guess the first thing I'm dismayed about is the tourist and convention commission is depending on restaurants collecting and sending taxes to promote their endeavor. Restaurants have the greatest fail rate of any small business in the USA. They already have an 80-hour-a-week job without collecting taxes.
    So you're giving the county attorney $100+ an hour to follow-up.

  • Letter: Loretto Community supports immigration reform

    On behalf of the Loretto Community, I publicly state that Loretto strongly supports the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2011 (SB 1258) sponsored by U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, (D-NJ).

  • Why not postpone deer season?

    With deer season starting soon there are many does with fawns so young and small that they still have soft spots and some are even newborn. Deer season should be postponed or killing these does banned.

    Also, there is no bear season in Marion County, so if a bear is seen, do not kill it. They are harmless anyway.