Today's Opinions

  • Letter to the editor: Vote Carson on March 5

    Voters across the Bluegrass state will vote in our first Republican caucus on March 5, which will select delegates to go to the National Republican Convention in July. Our votes will now count more than ever since we are casting our votes along with other early states.

  • Automotive career opportunities growing across region, state

    By Kim Huston

    The automotive industry has not only completed its recovery from the Great Recession, but also broke light vehicle sales records in 2015. With this growth, communities in the Lincoln Trail region and across the Commonwealth are positioned to realize even greater opportunities.

  • Corrections & Clarifications - Feb. 24, 2016
  • Corrections & Clarifications - Feb. 17, 2016

    In last week’s edition, we reported that Peggy Downs, 55, of 830 Arthur Mattingly Road in Lebanon filed to run for the District 4 school board seat, currently held by Michael Cecil. We incorrectly reported that Downs has ran for the position twice. Actually, she has only ran for the school board seat once, which was in 2008.

    On page A16 a cutline incorrectly identified a photo. The cutline said the group singing was the Bethel AME Methodist Choir. It should have said the First Baptist Church of Campbellsville.

  • Exciting week in Frankfort

    Hollywood stars, national organizations and winter weather greeted the Kentucky General Assembly during week six of the 2016 Session. With many guests, packed committee meetings, and energetic rallies, it was another exciting week in Frankfort.
    The national organization Save The Children, which promotes early childhood learning, had its Action Network President Mark Shriver and actress Jennifer Garner testify in Frankfort on behalf of the organization and their work throughout Kentucky.

  • The ‘wow' factor

    By Kenny Fogle

    It’s called the “WOW” factor. When you see something for the first time or see it in a new light from what you had expected, you just have to stand back and appreciate what is in front of you. It happens all the time, but it still is a great feeling every time it does. 

  • Horrified by Bevin’s attitude and action
  • Logging off

    Hello, my name is Stevie Lowery and I am a Facebook addict.
    Correction: I was a Facebook addict.
    At 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1, Facebook and I went on a break.
    And, to the surprise of many, including myself, we have not reunited.
    In fact, our “break” might end up being a “breakup.”
    And, I’ll tell you why. I feel like I owe my 1,000-plus “friends” an explanation.