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  • Letters to the Editor - April 13, 2016

    The other side of the story
    First and foremost, I believe that the people of Lebanon are only hearing one side of the story when it comes to the actions that are currently being discussed in the English department at Marion County High School. I believe it’s time to hear from a student. As a Marion County High School graduate and valedictorian of the 2013 class, I am blown away by the backlash towards the English department by some in our community. Every college student is busy, but I believe it is more important for me to address these concerns.

  • Our work is not complete until a budget is signed into law

    This week, the General Assembly returns to the Capitol for a single day to wrap up the 2016 legislative session.
    While this time traditionally has been set aside just to consider whether the House and Senate should override any vetoes a governor might issue, we have begun in recent years to also use this time to vote on other bills that were unresolved before the veto recess. This year, the biggest of those is the state’s two-year budget.

  • Time left for compromise


  • Senate is working toward budget deal


  • Author John Green supports local teacher

    Editor’s Note: John Green wrote this post on Facebook on Friday, April 1
    I’m always thrilled to hear about schools that use my books in their classrooms and so I was delighted that a teacher at Marion County High School chose to teach Looking for Alaska to her senior English class. The teacher sent a permission form home to parents and this semester a parent opted out for their student, so that teacher provided a different reading assignment for that student.

  • Free people read freely


  • MCPS has more issues than bedbugs


  • Building your own robot

    By Ken Begley

    Hey, I’m not kidding with the title of this story.
    Just because you live in small town America do not think there aren’t some incredibly talented folks living all around you doing some unbelievable things.  
    I love this job! I get to meet them and hear their stories!
    Anyway, a friend of mine named Mark told me how his next door neighbor had spent the past five years working part-time on building his own robot. 
    What the heck?
    Mark asked me if I’d like to see it.