Pictured is my dad, Steve Lowery, holding my twin sister, Rachel, who weighed three pounds, two ounces when she was born. I weighed four pounds, three ounces. We were born five to six weeks prematurely and our lives were saved thanks to the Crusade for Children and its services.
Crusade for Children is a lifesaver

Around this time of year when local fire departments begin collecting money for the Crusade for Children, I’m reminded of how blessed I am to be here.
The Crusade helped save my life when I was born.
My twin sister and I were born five to six weeks premature, and soon after I was delivered I was having difficulty breathing. The “Baby Buggy” took my twin and me to Norton Children’s Hospital and the medical staff there saved my life.
So, obviously, donating to the Crusade is a no-brainer for me.