Stevie Lowery
Maker’s Mark CEO Rob Samuels spoke at a joint meeting between the Marion County Fiscal Court and the Lebanon City Council on Dec. 21 about the distillery’s future plans to build 10 more warehouses. Maker’s Mark is asking the county for industrial revenue bonds to build the additional warehouses, which the county did for the distillery in 2012 when additional warehouses were built in Loretto.
Being a good neighbor

Maker’s Mark Distillery describes itself as Loretto’s “slice of heaven.”
But, some residents in Loretto would strongly disagree with that description.
All they see is black from the “warehouse fungus” that’s growing on their homes, cars, lawns, patio furniture, road signs, etc. And the news of Maker’s Mark expanding and building more warehouses (although we’re not sure where yet) is alarming for many residents, to say the least.