• Practice

    By Casey Sowers

    Sports correspondent

  • Winter sports

    By Casey Sowers
    Sports correspondent

    No one is really fond of winter, but one thing to be excited about is the sports that come with it. What I mean by that is, there’s always an athletic event on TV, such as football, basketball, swimming or the Winter X-Games.

  • For the underdogs

    By Casey Sowers

    Sports correspondent

    Have you ever heard of the movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story?” It’s about a bunch of “nobodies” that get together to win a dodgeball tournament. We’ve all heard of underdogs, and you probably know that they’re usually not the best. But what about when they win, especially when they beat a top ranked team?

  • Fans make the games

    By Casey Sowers

    Sports correspondent 

    You’ve got the regular “Hey, I’m going to the game tonight, fans,” and then you’ve got the “crazy, super, I-won’t-miss-a-game, fan.” 

    Which would you rather have at a game? 

  • Overcoming injuries

     After playing sports most of your life, you grow stronger as you grow up. As a serious athlete you push yourself until you can’t go any further. 

    You feel small pains, but you blow them off because you think, “Oh I won’t get hurt.” 

  • Male sports > female sports

    By Casey Sowers

    Enterprise correspondent

    We’re all guilty of it.

    Most everyone enjoys male sports rather than female sports.

    You know it’s true.

  • Women taking over the woods

    By Casey Sowers

    Enterprise Correspondent

    Some say hunting isn’t a sport and some say it is. Even though it’s not an “all-around-contact athletic event,” it’s still a sport to 12.5 million people, including1.2 million women. That’s 16 percent and the percentage keeps rising, according to womenanglers.us (http://goo.gl/RyKsw1).

  • See ya!

     As some of you may or may not already know, after two years and many photos and stories, I’m leaving The Lebanon Enterprise.

    Recently, I accepted a job with our neighboring county’s newspaper - The Springfield Sun. 

  • Winning season

     I have a confession to make. 

    When I made my way to Rockcastle County for the first and only game of the Marion County Knights’ postseason on Nov. 7, I had a feeling it would be their only night in the postseason. Though the team’s records were the same, the Rockets had a better district and region record. The feeling that Marion County was going to lose got worse when the Rockcastle County Rockets scored within the opening moments of the game. 

  • Mortal combat

    Though I play my fair share of violent video games, I’m far from a violent person – in fact, I don’t think I have a violent bone in my body.