• The rules of golf... Sometimes they work in your favor

    By Dennis George
    Guest columnist

    There’s something about the majors that can bring out the best in the older golfers.
    Jack Nicklaus winning The Masters in 1986.
    Greg Norman held a two-shot lead entering the final round of the 2008 Open Championship at the age of 53.
    And 59-year-old Tom Watson was a 12-foot par putt away from winning the 2009 Open Championship.

  • Being a leader

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

    Every day, we are surrounded in some way by the leaders of various organizations, clubs, entities and even countries, and we may not even think about it. There are leaders everywhere, from your church's pastor, to your school's principal, or even your boss. Leaders are a necessary part of our lives, and without their presence or guidance, our society would descend into chaos and mad uncertainty.

  • Be careful - ‘Dumb Thumb Syndrome’ is contagious

    Fished Willisburg last Sunday and ended up catching something … not a fish … from John!
    John exhibited symptoms early on but didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. Then, as the day wore on, he got worse.
    About halfway through the tournament, I came down with a mild case!
    No, it wasn’t a heat stroke or anything like that. Heck, that would’ve been easier to take. The affliction we came down with was “Dumb Thumb Syndrome!”

  • Vaught’s Views: Kentucky’s Matt Elam says haters are gonna hate

    By Larry Vaught

    Before the Blue-White Game reached halftime, some Kentucky fans were complaining on Twitter about the play of junior nose guard Matt Elam.
    Out of shape. Too upright. Not aggressive. Gets pushed out of the way too easy. Lacks intensity.

  • Tee time: Erasing the nightmares

    By Dennis George
    Guest columnist

    What a week it has been!
    Just days after Kris Jenkins’ shot to win the NCAA championship game for Villanova and erase the heartbreak of Christian Laettner’s dagger into the hearts of Kentucky fans as one of the great shots of all-time, Jordan Speith’s collapse on the back nine of The Masters may top Greg Norman’s meltdown in the 1996 tournament.
    And never has it been so true that “The Masters doesn’t really begin until the back nine on Sunday.”

  • National champions

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports Correspondent

    The 2016 NCAA National Championship Game was a thriller, whose outcome was decided at the horn when Kris Jenkins nailed a buzzer beater to give the Villanova Wildcats a 77-74 victory. I've seen my share of buzzer beaters, but that didn't make Jenkins' buzzer beater any less amazing or memorable. I honestly think Jenkins' buzzer beater will go down as memorable.

  • Remember, a turkey can see ya blink

    Coming up this weekend is the opening of our 2016 spring turkey hunting season - ending date is May 8. As in years past you can take two birds but only one per day … and they both have to be gobblers (male turkeys).
    Most gobblers have beards but there are cases where you’ll find a hen (female turkey) with a beard - sorta like the bearded lady at the circus.
    You shouldn’t stalk a turkey. If you know a turkey’s travel route after fly down (when they fly off their roost) set up to intercept them.

  • Vaught’s Views: Former Wildcat still getting lots of love from Kentucky

    By Larry Vaught

    After Gonzaga got beat in the NCAA Tournament, former Wildcat Kyle Wiltjer thought he would just come back to Kentucky to visit former teammates and friends.
    Instead, his trip turned into an autograph tour across the state that drew plenty of UK fans as well as media members wanting to talk to him about his two years with the Wildcats.
    Wiltjer admits his story is "interesting" because his transfer worked out well for him as well as Kentucky. Wiltjer was part of UK's 2012 national title team.

  • Ulis didn’t surprise DeCourcy


  • Turkey season opens for youth this weekend