• Do yourself a favor - take a kid deer hunting

    Happy holidays this X-Mas season.
    Now I don’t know about you but I think that’s a load of manure! This is a warning, if you’re easily offended you best stop reading right now… fair warning issued!
    Here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!
    Yep, I said it. Felt no shame doing it and with very little regard to anyone’s delicate sensitivities!
    Oh yeah, “This does not reflect the views of The Lebanon Enterprise.”

    * * *

  • Vaught’s Views: Makayla Epps shows she’s a leader

    By Larry Vaught

    After some off-season issues, Kentucky junior Makayla Epps is becoming the player — and leader — that coach Matthew Mitchell hoped she would be when he had to discipline her.
    “That’s something that I have prepared myself for,” Epps said. “Coach Mitchell and I have talked about that. He said that the ball is going to need to be in my hands and I am perfectly fine with that. It’s just the trust he has in me, the trust my teammates have in me, and I trust in my coach and my teammates.”

  • Confidence vs. arrogance

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports correspondent

    Can you tell when you see someone who's arrogant? They think they're better than everyone else, and they think of themselves as perfect. Worst of all, they're blind to their own mistakes and refuse to acknowledge them. It annoys us probably to be in their presence since they feel the need to establish their self-proclaimed superiority to everyone they see and they're just a drag on everyone else.

  • What’s the best hunting vehicle? Whatever ya got!

    First off I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! And so you’ll know it’s from me and not The Lebanon Enterprise, I guess I better put in the standard: “This message does not reflect the views of The Lebanon Enterprise or any of its employees”… except me! Now that I’m all “politically correct” I feel better… stupid for having to say that… but better.
    I was once asked what kind of “hunting vehicle” I have.

  • Vaught’s Views: UK quarterback will not return for his final season

    By Larry Vaught

    From the time he started playing sports, Patrick Towles was never a me-first athlete. No matter what sport he was playing, he was always team-first.
    Now for the first time, he’s had to make a selfish decision and put what is best for him first.
    That’s why he decided when the University of Kentucky’s football season ended that he would not return for his final season. Instead, the quarterback who grew up dreaming of playing for UK and started 22 straight games in 2014-15 will transfer for his last season.

  • The whole picture

    By Gerard Flanagan

    What happens when you see a quarterback scan the field for an open receiver and throw it, only to see a defender a half second later pick it off. Most of the time, we just assume the quarterback didn't see him. We assume he completely overlooked him and didn't take everything in.
    He wasn't seeing the whole picture.
    What happened as a result? He threw a pick and cost his team a chance to score.

  • Guns aren’t dangerous, but people with guns are

    Just so you’ll know, what I’m writing about in this week’s article is my take on things. It’s not meant to express the views of The Lebanon Enterprise or anyone else.
    To be clear, I own guns! They are my responsibility and the misuse of them falls on me. And, over the years, no one has said anything about that fact nor, as far as I know, written a letter to the editor complaining about my guns or my hunting!

  • Vaught’s Views: Top player hopes to be recruited by Kentucky

    By Larry Vaught

    No one enjoyed being at the Marshall County Hoop Fest last week more than 6-10 power forward Billy Preston of Advance Prep International of Dallas.
    “I love playing at Kentucky. We came last year to play at McCracken County. I loved both experiences. I love how the fans and whole city comes out,” said Preston. “Playing on ESPN is special and a blessing for a high school kid to be on national TV. It is exciting and I love exciting games, so it is all good for me.”

  • The second option

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports correspondent

    Sometimes, we'll be in a situation where what we're doing just isn't cutting it. We keep trying and trying, but no matter what, we just can't get the task done. What we're doing isn't working. 
    Admit it. We've all been there, and it's frustrating. If I can't get it done doing this, then how “can” I get it done? 

  • Vaught’s Views: Wenyen Gabriel part of Coach Calipari’s No. 1 recruiting class

    By Larry Vaught

    Wenyen Gabriel thought it would be “intriguing” to play at Kentucky after having coach John Calipari personally recruit him for months. That’s why the 6-10 forward from Wilbraham & Monson (Mass.) signed with the Wildcats as part of Calipari’s No. 1 recruiting class for next season.