• The whole picture

    By Gerard Flanagan

    What happens when you see a quarterback scan the field for an open receiver and throw it, only to see a defender a half second later pick it off. Most of the time, we just assume the quarterback didn't see him. We assume he completely overlooked him and didn't take everything in.
    He wasn't seeing the whole picture.
    What happened as a result? He threw a pick and cost his team a chance to score.

  • Guns aren’t dangerous, but people with guns are

    Just so you’ll know, what I’m writing about in this week’s article is my take on things. It’s not meant to express the views of The Lebanon Enterprise or anyone else.
    To be clear, I own guns! They are my responsibility and the misuse of them falls on me. And, over the years, no one has said anything about that fact nor, as far as I know, written a letter to the editor complaining about my guns or my hunting!

  • Vaught’s Views: Top player hopes to be recruited by Kentucky

    By Larry Vaught

    No one enjoyed being at the Marshall County Hoop Fest last week more than 6-10 power forward Billy Preston of Advance Prep International of Dallas.
    “I love playing at Kentucky. We came last year to play at McCracken County. I loved both experiences. I love how the fans and whole city comes out,” said Preston. “Playing on ESPN is special and a blessing for a high school kid to be on national TV. It is exciting and I love exciting games, so it is all good for me.”

  • The second option

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports correspondent

    Sometimes, we'll be in a situation where what we're doing just isn't cutting it. We keep trying and trying, but no matter what, we just can't get the task done. What we're doing isn't working. 
    Admit it. We've all been there, and it's frustrating. If I can't get it done doing this, then how “can” I get it done? 

  • Vaught’s Views: Wenyen Gabriel part of Coach Calipari’s No. 1 recruiting class

    By Larry Vaught

    Wenyen Gabriel thought it would be “intriguing” to play at Kentucky after having coach John Calipari personally recruit him for months. That’s why the 6-10 forward from Wilbraham & Monson (Mass.) signed with the Wildcats as part of Calipari’s No. 1 recruiting class for next season.

  • It's never the same

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports correspondent

    I sit here for a moment and think about all the sports games I have watched, or at least those I can remember. Some were blowouts, some were nail-biters, some were displays of offensive finesse, and some were defensive struggles.

  • Camo up, hide in your blind, and collect some birds this season

    It was a good week of hunting … though not productive. I passed on a couple of four pointers and one six.
    If you remember, I said I’d shoot the first doe I saw. Well, I should’ve said I’d shoot the first doe I could “safely” shoot.
    The does I saw last Thursday … 11 in one field… all presented shots that would have been questionable at best. In reality, I “might could’ve shot” but it was about then minutes before I would’ve run out of shooting light, and time!

  • Vaught’s Views: New Zealand baller excited to be joining Kentucky

    By Larry Vaught

    Now that he has signed his letter-of-intent and will soon be joining the University of Kentucky basketball program, Tai Wynyard of Auckland, New Zealand, says he can’t wait to get to Lexington.
    “I'm really excited to get into the system and just start balling and learning everything I can,” said the 6-9, 230-pound forward who was part of the World Select Team that beat Team USA at the 2015 Nike Hoop Summit.

  • It all ends at some point

    By Gerard Flanagan
    Sports correspondent

    The longest game in NFL history was played on Christmas Day in 1971 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins. It took 82 minutes and 40 seconds of game time and two overtime periods to decide the winner. The Dolphins won, 27-24.

  • ‘Big gun season’ is here

    Saturday was the opening of Kentucky’s 2015 deer season for modern, centerfire firearms! This is also known to us rednecks as “big gun season.”
    As you’re reading this rest assured there have been otherwise sane men and women who’ve been living in the woods for days. Well, they might come back to civilization to sleep in a real bed or maybe eat a meal without having to pick the bugs out of your beans!