• How to get prepared for a night-time coyote hunt

    Here I sit with my list. Warm clothes, check. Boots, check. Heavy gloves, check. Scanning light, check. Shooting sticks, check. Shotgun, check. No. 4 buckshot, check. Electronic caller/mouth calls, check. Seat/chair, check. And shooting* light, check.
    * We call ‘em “kill” lights, but we have to be “sensitive.”

  • Deer: Hughes

    Peyton Hughes 10, killed this 8-point buck during deer season. He is the son of Sara Hughes and the late Sgt. Jonathan Adam Hughes.

  • Birds arrive as the season ends

    We got our wish! There are finally some decent numbers of waterfowl, mostly geese, in our area. And for the past week, the water hasn’t been frozen, at least not frozen solid.
    That means we’ve been able to squeeze in some last minute waterfowl hunting. Of course that ended for ducks on Sunday, Jan. 25.
    And all those geese? Well, that season ends on Saturday, Jan. 31.
    So, where did our 60-day season go? It was just a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about the season opener coming up.

  • Deer: Gordon family

    Three generations of the Gordon family harvested a buck this hunting season.

  • No luck with ducks? How about some goose?

    I received a call from Stephen at the Enterprise office, and my first thought was “What did I mess up?”
    When he got on the phone, I was told this was one of the early deadline weeks (office was closed Monday).
    “I knew that, but thanks for calling” was my response. That’s what I said. What I thought was, oh crap, forgot all about that!
    So, here I sit, five days after turning in my last column, wondering what to write about.

  • Nice, cold weather, but not enough ducks

    It’s been cold, real cold! When it’s this cold the inclination is to hunker down and avoid “being out in it” as much as possible.
    You know who complains the most? Not those who have to be out in it for extended time. It’s those whose exposure is limited to that distance between their vehicle and a building. This is usually around 50 yards and three minutes of “exposure time.”

  • Teaching, learning about hunting with an 11-year-old

    Finally, after scouting for days, heck weeks, I found a field that a small flock of Canada geese were using (feeding in). One field, one flock. That's it!
    Anyway, Tate, my 11-year-old grandson, was coming over from Adair County, and we figured on giving the geese a try. I'd previously tweaked his interest by having him "watch" the geese, so he was hyped at an opportunity to shoot one.

  • Sensations during a squirrel hunt

    Have you ever had the feeling that things, especially bugs, were crawling on you. Especially at night!

    Imagine you’re in bed, feet tucked under the blankets, where it’s dark, the kind of place where spiders like to hang out. All of a sudden you feel “something.”

    And it feels like it’s moving.

    But is it, or isn’t it?

  • Deer photo, Dec. 31

    Hallie Downs, 8, killed her first deer on Dec. 28 while hunting with her dad, Justin Gardner.

  • Still hoping to find some waterfowl

     Well, this is shaping up, so far, to be the season that wasn’t ... for waterfowlers, anyway!

    I heard and saw a few cranes fly over, but nowhere near the number of birds we usually see. The cranes are usually an indicator that the Canada geese aren’t far behind.