• There’s a 'science' to finding fish

    When faced with a big tournament on a lake you haven’t fished before, you have to figure some things out.
    Basically, it sounds easy! Just figure where to go and what to throw - bait wise that is. Yes, sounds easy until you get to the lake, a large expanse of water. So where to start? You looked at lake maps, you’ve considered the time of year, water temperature and - this is sometimes a mistake - what has worked in the past.

  • Martinez catches catfish

    Ean Martinez caught this catfish at a local farm pond with his first cast with a SpongeBob fishing pole.

  • Woods and Waters: The turkeys aren’t being real vocal

    Last week I told you about “Dumb Thumb Syndrome.” And as I thought, it’s a common ailment among anglers. I received several calls from others confirming my assumptions.
    One call in particular was interesting. Not only did the guy confirm the illness, he also offered a cure! Well, not so much as a cure. It was more along the lines of a treatment. I tried his treatment plan and so far it seems to help… not eliminate, but help!

  • Be careful - ‘Dumb Thumb Syndrome’ is contagious

    Fished Willisburg last Sunday and ended up catching something … not a fish … from John!
    John exhibited symptoms early on but didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. Then, as the day wore on, he got worse.
    About halfway through the tournament, I came down with a mild case!
    No, it wasn’t a heat stroke or anything like that. Heck, that would’ve been easier to take. The affliction we came down with was “Dumb Thumb Syndrome!”

  • Remember, a turkey can see ya blink

    Coming up this weekend is the opening of our 2016 spring turkey hunting season - ending date is May 8. As in years past you can take two birds but only one per day … and they both have to be gobblers (male turkeys).
    Most gobblers have beards but there are cases where you’ll find a hen (female turkey) with a beard - sorta like the bearded lady at the circus.
    You shouldn’t stalk a turkey. If you know a turkey’s travel route after fly down (when they fly off their roost) set up to intercept them.

  • Turkey season opens for youth this weekend

    Hope everyone had a blessed Easter. Of course Easter also means it’s just a very short time until wild turkey season opens. Matter of fact, the 2016 youth season for turkeys opens this coming weekend - April 2-3. It’s a great way to get a youngster into hunting.

  • UKC Hunt winners

    Pictured are the winners of the UKC Hunt, which took place on March 25. They are, from left, Daren Cox (first place registered class), Billy Joe Yocum (third place registered class) and Jacob Benningfield (second place registered class).

  • Woods and Waters: Responsible hunters and fishermen don’t trespass

    To be honest, I didn’t realize that the crimes of trespass and theft (that’s taking fish and/or game) were as bad as they are!
    After my article came out last week I had several farmers, i.e. landowners, tell me some horror stories. Most were trespass, but one fellow told me about having a calf shot … calf didn’t die.

  • Woods and Waters: Respect property owners when hunting and fishing

    Respect. It’s a simple concept. However, not everyone understands it. As a hunter without land of my own to hunt on, I have to depend on the kindness of others to have a place to hunt! And I appreciate it when I’m given permission. Part of that appreciation is respect.

  • Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers tourney this Sunday

    So what’s coming up?
    Well, for those of us in the throes of cabin fever there’s the Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers first tournament coming up this Sunday, March 13.
    The tournament is appropriately called the “Cabin Fever Open” and is held on Marion County’s Fagan Branch Lake. By being an “open” you don’t have to be a member of Mid-Ky. Bass Anglers to fish, but it’s only $20 to join if you want.