• Woods and Waters: Responsible hunters and fishermen don’t trespass

    To be honest, I didn’t realize that the crimes of trespass and theft (that’s taking fish and/or game) were as bad as they are!
    After my article came out last week I had several farmers, i.e. landowners, tell me some horror stories. Most were trespass, but one fellow told me about having a calf shot … calf didn’t die.

  • Woods and Waters: Respect property owners when hunting and fishing

    Respect. It’s a simple concept. However, not everyone understands it. As a hunter without land of my own to hunt on, I have to depend on the kindness of others to have a place to hunt! And I appreciate it when I’m given permission. Part of that appreciation is respect.

  • Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers tourney this Sunday

    So what’s coming up?
    Well, for those of us in the throes of cabin fever there’s the Mid-Kentucky Bass Anglers first tournament coming up this Sunday, March 13.
    The tournament is appropriately called the “Cabin Fever Open” and is held on Marion County’s Fagan Branch Lake. By being an “open” you don’t have to be a member of Mid-Ky. Bass Anglers to fish, but it’s only $20 to join if you want.

  • Hunting and fishing is an expensive hobby

    As outdoorsmen we’re often faced with rants from non-hunters. They do have some valid points… like “Do you have to hunt to eat?”
    The answer to that would be (since we’re being honest here) no. You can buy meat in the stores! Yes, but never forget, that hamburger and steak didn’t commit suicide. Somebody somewhere did that beef in!
    So, I guess we hunt simply ‘cause we can. We fish for the same reason, ‘cause we can.

  • Coyote hunt begins Feb. 26

    Another coyote hunting story. Not this week, but next week for sure!
    This week we’re going to talk about a coyote hunt happening this coming Friday and Saturday.
    Ran into a friend at Wal-Mart who told me the Marion County Coon Hunters are putting on a coyote hunt with registration being between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb 26, and running through the same time Saturday.
    That way you can take advantage of a night hunt Friday into a morning/all day hunt Saturday. You can hunt, sleep, hunt or just stay up and hunt for 24 hours.

  • It’s never too cold to coyote hunt
  • High coyotes, Punxtawny Phil and fish

    Just saw something on Facebook that I thought was interesting. And, as you know, if it’s on Facebook it just has to be true!
    Anyway, coyotes in Northern California have seemingly lost their fear of anything. Reports have them walking in roadways stopping traffic. Apparently, drivers out there don’t understand the principle of “road kill.”
    After researching this phenomena the “experts” determined the coyotes might be high on hallucinogenic mushrooms. They even specified the mushroom as the “amanita muscaria!”

  • Woods and waters: Hunting and fishing share a lot in common

    When the weather’s bad and you’re stuck not being able to hunt or fish you start philosophizing (yes, that’s a real word) about stuff!
    What I’ve been thinking about is how alike most hunting and sport fishing are, which helps explain the obsession to do either or both!
    Take bass fishing and coyote hunting as examples. With both you have custom equipment you’ll use. A good truck for scouting and getting to your hunt location could compare to a bass boat. You need a boat to get from place to place, looking for a concentration of bass.

  • Woods and Waters: Coyote hunting is always in season

    As I sit here staring out the window at the lump of snow hiding my truck all I can think is what happened?
    A week ago I was talking about how ‘un-winter’ like the weather had been. And now, the world is white!
    Hunting? Nope, not for a while. Most would say the next legal thing to hunt would be wild turkeys. Course, that’s not till April!
    So what’s to do till April? We gotta hunt something… Right? Well, as you might have guessed coyote hunting comes to mind. Surprised? Didn’t think so!

  • Woods and waters: The weather has been foul for waterfowl

    The weather for the rest of the winter is going to follow a predictable pattern. Between dusk and dawn it’ll be dark! The rest of the day will have varying degrees of light! With the weather we’ve been experiencing so far, that’s about the only prediction anyone can be sure of!