• Finding a way to participate in the dove opener

    Having, according to the doctor, a “very complicated” break in my upper left arm and being advised to “stay away from groups of people” my summer has been less than spectacular!
    Wouldn’t you think if you broke most anything back in April you’d be OK by Sept. 1 to participate in our 2015 dove opener?
    So, when I went back to the doctor in August and got told, “Come back in October and we’ll see how it’s coming along,” I was bummed out!

  • Diving deep, getting into a good outdoor story

    I read a lot of outdoor themed magazines and books for several reasons. Mostly it’s for pure enjoyment. I can imagine myself hunting mountain goat, elk, bear, deer or anything else the story centers on. While I consider it a gift, a lot of people consider my ability to mentally insert myself into a story just a little strange.
    As a result of inserting myself deeply into a story, I often wonder if I actually did some of the things I wrote about. Or, maybe I’m just living someone else’s adventure. Then again, it could be simple plagiarism.

  • Opening of dove season is a reason to be excited

    Coming up on Sept. 1 is a very important day for a lot of us. That’s the opening day of the 2015 dove season … and the start of this year’s hunting seasons as far as I’m concerned.
    The dove hunting opener is one of the biggest social events of the season.

  • Big weekend for fishing tournament

    It was about a perfect day Saturday to be fishing. While it might have been a little hot, the wind blew … of course it “always” blows … which made it tolerable.
    There were 25 boats that made the tournament, which was a big disappointment, especially considering the amount paid out! And no, there weren’t enough boats registered to cover the payout!
    But, they paid out what was advertised.

  • New shooting season begins in just a few days

    Those of us who’ve just gotta shoot something don’t have much longer to wait!
    Coming up on Aug. 15, we have the opening of our squirrel season, cobwebs in the face, leaves everywhere and hot. But it’s an opportunity to wake up early and get out in the woods.
    Dove isn’t the only season opening on Sept. 1. On that date, you can take advantage of the opening of crow season. While crow isn’t the best tasting meat — and yes, I’ve “eaten crow” — it won’t kill you.

  • Big weekend for fishing is coming soon

    You’ll want to pay attention here because there’s a real big weekend coming up soon!
    The date is Saturday, Aug. 15, and the locations are Fagan Branch and Sportsman Lake.
    OK, on Fagan Branch, you’re looking at a bass fishing tournament, and the Kid’s Fishing Derby is at Sportsman Lake.

  • The next big event is almost here

    OK, I’ve talked about it for weeks. It’s been planned for months and months. Now, it’s here!
    What am I talking about? If you gotta ask, then it’s obvious you don’t read my column very often!
    So what’s here? Well, it’s the 2015 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet/fundraiser coming up Saturday, Aug. 1.
    I bet you thought it was going to be Distinguished Young Women, a.k.a. the Junior Miss program at our high school

  • Proud to be called a redneck and a hillbilly

    Are you a backward, barefoot, gun-toting redneck?
    That was a classification made by a former writer … notice I said “former writer.” It seems as if our — yes, I’m proud to be one, just not barefoot — voices were heard.
    To determine is someone is a true redneck, just ask them what “season” we’re in. If they answer is “summer,” they may not be a true redneck. If the answer is “fishin’ season,” then you’re probably talking to a redneck.

  • Consider taking kids on their own outdoor adventure

    One of my grandkids called me the other day to tell me about a recent hunting trip they’d gone on.
    Hunting trip? Not possible! One, there’s no season open to hunt most anything, and two, they all know I don’t have any use for poachers.
    Maybe it was coyotes, or possibly groundhogs! There’s no season on either of those.
    Probably the smart thing to do would be to ask what they’d shot. Of course, I have to give consideration to the possibility that the old guy was getting pranked!

  • Try shooting trap, skeet, and sporting clays

    As we plunge into full blown summer when there’s very little to hunt, we sometimes get bored … unless we fish.
    I don’t understand it but not everybody fishes!
    Anyway, you’ve got guns, ammo and everything you need to shoot, but nothing to shoot at! That’s not exactly right. You just have to do a little research.
    No birds to shoot at? Why not try trap skeet or maybe sporting clays? The little clay birds fly out of traps (launchers) like little Frisbies. The angles and distances vary to give you a more realistic hunting scenario.