• Young wildlife are best left undisturbed

    Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
    FRANKFORT, Ky. – Encounters with young wildlife increase in spring as people spend more time outdoors.
    An unattended deer fawn curled up in tall grass. A litter of rabbits discovered alone in the backyard. A baby bird furiously flapping its wings but struggling to get off the ground.

  • Seeking the end of Kentucky’s coyote problem

    I was talking with a fellow hunter when a discussion about coyote hunting came up. He sort of surprised me when he said, “You must really hate coyotes to want to kill ‘em all.”
    Well, he was kind of right! I do think that every coyote should be eliminated, but I also accept that it’s not possible.

  • Catfish: Smith

    Payten Smith, 8, caught an eight-pound catfish in a farm pond in Marion County. She is the daughter of Andy and Sandy Smith.

  • Keeping tabs on deer and controlling coyotes

    With the Memorial Day weekend, I had another early turn-in, so you’ll get another short article this week.
    I got my 2014-15 season’s deer harvest report the other day. It showed that this past season was the second highest harvest — with 138,892 animals taken — since the Department of Fish and Wildlife started keeping records. It was also the third consecutive year when more than 130,000 deer were killed.
    Owen County leads the state with 3,470 deer taken. Statewide, 45.7 percent of the deer checked were does.

  • More ways to get a bullfrog

    In my last column I told you about taking bullfrogs. I mentioned gigging and shooting them with a .22 caliber rifle.
    Since the column came out, I’ve been informed of other methods of taking them.
    Naturally, if you can shoot them with a rifle, you can shoot ‘em with a pistol, .22 preferred. With either a rifle or a pistol, you should employ standard firearms safety rules. Pay particular attention to the one that says, “Know where your bullet can go.”

  • Turkey: Glasscock

    Coy Glasscock used a bow and arrow to kill this 25-pound turkey with one-inch spurs and a 10-inch beard.

  • Looking forward to the next season

    A couple of weeks into this broken arm thing I’ve     come to realize that “looking forward” to a season, be it hunting or fishing, is as exciting as participating.
    Or, as I’ve said before, it’s the “gettin’ ready” as much as the “doin’.”
    Of course the usual progression is getting tackle ready as in cleaning, then recleaning guns, sharpening or replacing hooks, and organizing everything.
    With a beautiful week, I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Back for another week

    Sorry about last week. Some of you … OK, the half-dozen or so who read my columns may be wondering what happened to my article!
    Well, it’s simple, I broke my arm. To be specific, I broke the humerus, the big upper bone, in my left arm late Saturday evening (April 25).
    Needless to say, it hurt too much, and the pain pills sort of goofed me out, so I didn’t bother with a column.

  • Turkey, May 6

    Chris Brady of Lebanon took this turkey on Sunday evening May 3 in Marion County during the Spring turkey season. It weighed 22 pounds and sported a 10-inch beard with 7/8-inch spurs and scored 59 1/2 on a scale.

  • No outdoors column this week

    Outdoors columnist Shelton Young was not able to prepare a column for this week’s edition. Young broke his arm and was unable to write a full piece.
    He did want to remind everyone that the Woodlawn Baptist Church Invitational fishing tournament will be May 16. This year’s event will be on Sportsman’s Lake.