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  • Youth football champs
  • The Game Plan - Nov. 9, 2016

    Knights Madness
    The Knights and Lady Knights basketball teams will be having Knights Madness at 6:30 p.m.

    Knights’ home opener against Glasgow at 6 p.m.

    Lady Knights and Knights at Bardstown at 6 p.m.

  • The Playoff

    The College Football Playoff Committee released its first ranking of the season on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and the top four teams at the end of the season will play in the College Football Playoff, which has been in place since the end of the 2014 season. The playoff replaced the BCS system, which used computer and human rankings to select two teams to play in the national championship.

  • Woods and Waters: Make sure you’...

    Saturday, Nov. 12 … this coming Saturday!
    So, what’s so special about Saturday? Come on, ya been living under a rock? No, it’s not related to the “Thank God it’s over” election.
    It’s the opening day of our modern firearms i.e. big gun season! You’ve waited 11 long months for this day. You’ve scouted, put out bait, and some of you planted food plots!
    You’ve practiced your shooting skills and cleaned, then re-cleaned, your guns. Now, it’s time.

  • SWIMMING: Aquaknights gearing up...

    The Marion County Aquaknights are ready to make a splash in their 2016 campaign. This year, the Aquaknights will field roughly 20 players, according to Head Coach Katie Kelien Johnson. 
    "I expect the same thing that I always expect and then some - hard work, competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, leadership and improvements," she said. Johnson is working to increase the number of male swimmers on the team, and said each player will provide contributions to this year's team. 

  • Vaught’s Views: UK freshman...

    By Larry Vaught

    If a player comes to Kentucky, John Calipari has to have seen something special in a player to offer him a scholarship.
    The Kentucky coach knew freshman Sacha Killeya-Jones was a good player. He just didn't know how good until he got on campus and started competing with other talented teammates.
    So was Killeya-Jones, who originally had committed to Virginia, just better than Calipari realized or has he improved since getting to UK in June?

  • Border War: Knights win thriller...

    On Friday, Oct. 28, reality ceased to exist.
    What was once thought to be impossible was now possible.
    The game is over.
    The season is over.
    The losing streak is over.
    It tastes so sweet for the Knights.
    The Marion County Knights overcame deficits of 21-0 and 34-21 and snuffed out a two-point conversion attempt with 2:56 left to win 41-40 in a wild, frenetic classic against the Washington County Commanders Friday night at John J. Boswell Field.

  • Unique

    Call me Gerard Flanagan.
    That's my name, and that's who I am. And I am unique, just like you. I have triumphs, tragedies, a story, mistakes, and other things that make me, well, me. They set me apart from the other seven billion players on this planet. The trials, tribulations, successes, lessons, and memories of which I have been apart have laid bricks in my life that have led me to where I am today.

  • Woods and Waters: Fishing isn’t...

    As our fishing season ended for 2016, I reflected back on a few things. Specifically, unanswered questions. Ya see, while the rest of our crew was busy actually catching fish, John and I concentrated on the important matters in life. We managed to answer the most pressing problems but still - after months of contemplation - we are still stuck on one question: In the USA we steer cars from the left side, but we steer boats from the right (starboard) side. Our question is “Why?” If you have the answer let one of us know, it’s important!

  • Vaught’s Views: UK sophomore...

    By Larry Vaught

    Isaiah Briscoe certainly has earned the respect not only of Southeastern Conference coaches, but also SEC players.
    "He is a tough defender and player and underrated playmaker. Really he was an underrated player for them last year. He makes the game easier for others," said Georgia guard J.J. Frazier, a preseason all-SEC pick just like Briscoe. "They had Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray last year, but he was that piece that made them go.